Home Remedies For Removing Warts From The Skin

I am a firm believer in home remedies and I am not alone because home remedies have been utilized for thousands of years. I grew up seeing my grandmother and other elders practicing home remedies and they really worked. Many people however, do not believe in them and so believe that they would never work. Despite that, there are many who practically live by home remedies. Yes, numerous ailments can be prevented and treated with home remedies and one condition that can be treated by this method is the removal of warts.

Most people hate warts like myself. We feel intimidated just to see these unsightly and unpleasant growths sticking out on our skin, appearing as if they are seeking attention. Most times warts are not cancerous but they are still uncomfortable and unwanted so home remedies most times come to mind. Home remedies are always economical and sometimes there is no cost whatsoever. In addition, there is hardly any side effect.

One of the home remedies for removing warts from the skin is the ever popular duct tape. Yes, you read right, it is duct tape. Unbelievable, but it is true. As a matter of fact it is endorsed by factual research that duct tape is a good home remedy to removing those unwanted warts.

It is done by using the duct tape to cover the warts for seven days. After the seven days, remove the duct tape, soak the
warts in water, and then use pumice soap to scrub them. There are cases where a wart may not be removed after the week. It is however advisable to redo the method for another week following the same steps to get rid of stubborn warts.

Another home remedy for removing warts is Aloe Vera medicinal herb. It is reported that this plant is very useful to treat this condition. This is done by soaking a small cotton ball in aloe gel and then tape on the the soak cotton ball to the wart. This method should be done every few hours. In a week or so with this continued treatment, the wart should fall off.

Caster oil is good as well. It is simply done by applying the oil to the warts and then rub the oil into the warts with fingers. This home remedy will be longer than the rest. It will have to be done two time per day, preferably mornings and nights until warts disappear. The warts should also be covered with bandage.

There are individuals who use other home remedies such as chalk, aspirin, dandelion herb, bananas, papaya, baking soda, milkweed medicinal herb as well as lemon juice. In case one home remedy does not work in removing the warts then there other options that are mentioned in this article. A person should be very sure that he or she is not allergic to any of the remedy mentioned.

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