How To Dry Herbs

by D. J. Bettencort

Harvesting Fresh Herbs: 5 Ideas On Drying Herbs

If you have a herb garden, you are aware of how using fresh can herbs add so much flavor to your cooking. What happens if you are fortunate enough to have a fresh herb garden which grown more herbs than you can use? You definitely do not want to waste those scrumptious morsels, so the best method to save their delicious flavor is to dry left over herbs.

This information will explain five suggestions about how to dry herbs including tips on the best time for harvesting, and the best methods to dry your herbs.

Dry Freshly Harvested Herbs

To help maintain the fantastic qualities of your garden fresh herbs, pick immediately before you plan to dry them. The ideal time to gather and dry herbs is when they are fully mature and have just begun to flower. Examine the fresh picked herbs and remove damaged leaves and stems..

How To Dry Herbs at Similar Rate

To make certain the herbs are all drying at about a similar rate, gather them in bundles which are about the same size. To dry, bunch about 8 - 10 stems together and tie securely with string.

Dry Herbs by Hanging Upside Down

Once you have grouped your herbs together, you will need to hang them upside down to dry. Do not bundle herb bunches tightly together. Leave room for air to flow around the herbs.

Dry Herbs in a Dry, Dark Place

The best place to dry herbs is in a dark, dry site. As necessary, protect herbs from the elements by covering with a paper bag. The preferred temperature for drying herbs is 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Herbs Must Have 5 Days to Dry

Herbs are usually dry in five days, although in cooler conditions, the process may take up to two weeks. When herbs feel papery to the touch, they are dry and prepared for storage. Detach leaves from stems, and store in a sealed jar away from sunlight.

Store dry herbs as leaves, but crushed right before using. This will help the herbs to release their full properties. Fresh herbs are delicious, home grown, dried herbs are just as as wonderful and a easy way to have flavorful herbs at your fingertips all year long.

By: D. J. Bettencort


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