Leaves of hyssop medicinal herb are used to flavor salads, soups, liqueurs and stews

Hyssop medicinal herb also referred to as holy herb, is an aromatic plant that blooms beautiful flowers.  It is native to Central Asia and the entire plant can be used. This herb is extensively cultivated across the world and there are about eleven species.

It can be traced back to biblical times in the Book of Exodus and Psalms. In the Book of Matthew and Mark, it was typically mentioned as "reed" or "stick." 

Psalms 51:7, David  asked to be cleansed with it. This herb makes a perfect companion plant in a garden of cabbage and it helps to keep insects away.   It is used in aromatherapy and homeopathy as a remedy.

The medicinal properties are expectorant, stimulant, diaphoretic, pectoral, carminative, aromatic, anthelmintic, aperient, febrifuge as well as sudorific.

The botanical name is Hyssopus officinalis and the common names are Hisopo, Holy herb, Ysop, Jufa, Herbe sainte as well as Hysope officinale.

Health benefits of
hyssop medicinal herb

It is a bitter herb as well as a diaphoretic, and it is a very effective medicine for both colds and cuts. The health benefits include the essential oil which is used to relieve anxiety, arthritis, asthma and respiratory infections.

Also, parasites, sore throats, cuts and wounds and can strengthen the lungs and help to prevent the recurrence of colds and flu. It can also aid in the prevention of infection.

The oil is particularly helpful in drying up secretions which makes it useful within the ultimate levels of dying.

Some hospitals' protocols allow nurses to place one drop of the oil on the throat region for those who are near death. This helps to relieve gurgling of secretions in the back of the throat.

It may even be used to improve appetite, slow digestion and stomach bloating.  It is also used for various skin diseases.  There is a mild diuretic action making it helpful for fluid retention. 

It is distinctly invigorating for the mind and therefore is used for poor concentration, short-term intellectual fatigue and chronic nervous conditions. This makes it helpful for melancholy and pessimism.

Traditionally, the essential oil of this medicinal herb has been regarded as an oil of protection for homes from evil spirits.   It uplifts the spirit to divine wisdom and prepares the soul for transition.

It awakens closed hearts and minds, and instills tolerance and understanding, unconditional love and acceptance.

It really is a cleanser, enabling a readability of spirit. When it is connected with the proper use of water and deep breathing, it is a most wonderful body cleanser.

Irritation and or more alternative diseases of the mucous membrane of mouth and throat may be healed when using the decoction or tincture of this herb. A person can easily gargle the decoction or watered tincture.   

In addition, mix 20-30 drops of the tincture with half a glass of water and smear your gums with it.  This is also a good remedy for hay fever symptoms and other allergies. 

This medicinal herb is well-liked in potpourri recipes and was among the most vital herb found in backyard crops for the sooner settlers, who were often times cut off from their friends and medical help for protracted periods. 

Although the taste of hyssop may be unpalatable, it will aid in clearing the head.

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