I love Guinep Season



Guinep is in season and I am loving it. It is one of my favourite fruits. I love, love, love it. Whether it is sweet, sour, stainy, hard or easy to suck the pulp from the seed, just give me a dish full of guineps, and they will be finished in no time.

As you walk the streets, there are vendors everywhere, shouting, sweet guineps (not always sweet), get your guineps, fifty dollars per tie, and do not go home without your guineps. These are frequent shouts coming from the vendors. Lovers of guineps cannot help being drawn by these shouts.

When you are purchasing guineps, you have the right to ask the vendor if the guineps are sweet. The vendor will then give you one seed to sample the taste. If it is not sweet, then you can walk away but if it is sweet, then buy to your heart's content. However, there are those persons who enjoy both sour and sweet guineps.

Guinep, also referred to as Spanish lime, is packed with nutrients. It contains vitamin C, phosphorus, protein, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, ash, calcium, thiamine, iron, carotene, amino acids, riboflavin, ascorbic acid and fifty eight calories.

During my childhood days, guinep and mango were my favourite fruits and that is just the way it is currently.

I remembered a guinep tree that was planted behind my grandmother's house, and every year I visited this
tree just to see if it had guineps, but to no avail. So as a child, I never understood why this tree was not bearing. I inquired of my grandma, why this was so. Her reply was that it was a male tree. I could not figure out what she meant at that time but now I understand. That is entirely a different story.

Most Jamaicans love guineps. Therefore, all over the Island when the season is around, every next person you see will have a bunch or two in their possession. We wish it was all year round, but we will be satisfied even for the one season.

However, in or out of season, the leaves can be used as herbal remedy for various ailments. One such ailment is high blood pressure (hypertension). Some persons also, make guinep juice but for some reason, I prefer it straight from the seed.

Children love guineps as well, so consumption must be guided by an adult. In Jamaica, for children up to about six years old, we crack the guinep seed to prevent accidental swallowing, which can be very fatal if the seed got stuck in the throat.

So to all guinep lovers, do not not let the season pass you by. Go out and get your guineps which are full of nutrients. You will never regret it.

Submitted September 15, 2017

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