Jack In The Bush

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Jack in the Bush, taken in Jamaica by owner of Medicinalherbs-4u.com

Jack in the Bush, taken in Jamaica by owner of Medicinalherbs-4u.com

Jack in the bush (Eupatorium Odoratum) is a medicinal herb grown all over Jamaica and other parts of the West Indies. The common names are Christmas bush, siam weed, bitter bush, agrimony as well as hemp.

Individuals in the West Indies utilize the leaves by making a tea which is a good herbal remedy for flu, common colds, asthma, sinusitis as well as fever.

A tea can also be made from the flowers and this is a good alternative medicine for coughs and also diabetes. It is also good to treat skin conditions as well as inflammation.

Jack in the bush can also be combined with leaf of life and garlic medicinal herb for a stronger remedy for asthma

For children, a mixture of the shoots and coconut milk will make an excellent tea for those who suffer with bronchitis. Jack in the bush is also good to stop smoking.

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