Jamaican Sorrel Drink

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Jamaican Sorrel Planted by a Neighbour in Jamaica

Jamaican Sorrel Planted by a Neighbour in Jamaica

Jamaican sorrel drink is the drink of the season. You may want to ask me of what season am I talking about. It is the Christmas season going into the New year. For many Jamaicans, Christmas would never be the same without this famous and nutritious drink that is packed with medicinal benefits. Many Jamaicans find it more refreshing to add a small amount of rum to this holiday drink and of course, it is never done without our famous Jamaican ginger. Some prefer it in the virgin style by not adding alcohol for religious and health purposes. Also, it is a good drink for children as well, so for these little ones, the rum is omitted.

The primary parts of the sorrel (Hibiscus sabdariffa) that everyone used are the sepals or the flowers. These sepals are very sturdy and red in colour and they are the ones that are responsible for such a delicious health beverage. It is discovered that the red color is as a result of compounds which are referred to as Hibiscus anthocyanins. So from the smallest to the greatest, from the poorest to the richest, sorrel is found in everyone's home in Jamaica as a Christmas and New Year's drink.

There are those who plant it for commercial purposes, while there are those who plant it for their own personal use. As for myself, I will purchase the drink in any supermarket and for many people, who cannot find the time to grow it, for convenience and easy access, they also will purchase it at supermarkets island wide. It is also accessible in tea bags because you can drink it as an herbal tea.

The benefits of Jamaican sorrel drink are many. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, it will aid in weight loss, a good remedy for cough and cold and it will enhance the immune system. It is a very good herbal remedy for anyone who needs natural healing.

Who would really want to do without a Jamaican sorrel drink right now? I have had more than one glasses already and I am prepared for more before the holiday season is over.

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Dec 28, 2012
A wonderful work that you are doing!
by: Maxine Baker

I am happy to see a Caribbean national showcasing herself on the internet in this way. May Your God continue to bless you.

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