Jamaican Squash and its Health Benefits

Jamaican Squash

Jamaican Squash

A friend of mine brought me a Jamaican squash and I was so surprised because I have never seen this vegetable for a very long, long time. As a matter of fact, It seems squash is obsolete in the minds of many Jamaicans.

My grandmother spoke a lot about the health benefits of this vegetable and she used it in various dishes, such as soups, but that was then. In some regions it is referred to as summer squash or winter squash as well as marrow.

Grow Your own Vegetables

This vegetable was not purchased at the market. My friend grew her own organic squash, which is featured on this page.

Growing your own organic vegetable is a very wise thing to do. There will be no additives in it. Additives can result in various diseases such as osteoporosis, headaches as well as heart diseases. Also, it is not contaminated by pesticides, which can prove very harmful to humans. We love to grow our own fruits and vegetables.

Best dish to combine with Jamaican squash

I have not heard any talk about squash for a long time now, unlike the ever popular pumpkin, and other vegetables. I know that many of the youths, if asked if they knew squash, would say no. I cannot blame them because it is indeed forgotten by many of us.

My friend and I talked about the various ways of cooking squash and also of its health benefits, which surprisingly were many. Why are we not eating
more of this vegetable to received its herbal benefits and why are farmers refusing to plant them? The question remains unanswered for many of us.

I found out however, that the best tasting dish with this vegetable is to combine it with codfish, which we refer to as salt-fish. It can also be combined with other meals, such as curry chicken, brown stew chicken, brown stew fish as well as soups. However, whatever is your choice of meal, for which to combine it with, it is just as good.

Health Benefits of Squash

Our organic squash is good for you. So eat it for its health benefits. It is effective in bringing down high blood pressure, so it would be really unwise to eat it if you suffer with low blood pressure.

It is a very good herbal remedy for healthy bones, healthy heart and healthy eyes. It is also very beneficial in boosting the immune system, and to control diabetes and lung condition.

Squash is packed with nutrients. It is loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6, thiamine, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, iron, calcium, copper, manganese, phosphorous, and potassium.

My Recipe for Codfish and Squash

1. Boil pre soaked codfish until tender
2. Season cooked, diced codfish with your
favourite seasoning (onion, thyme, etc.)
3. Pour cooking oil in preheated frying pan
4. Combine seasoned codfish with diced squash and
simmer on low flame until squash is cooked.
5. Serve your squash and codfish and enjoy.

Submitted August 11, 2017

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