Jamaican Woman now the Oldest Living Person in the World is 117 Years Old

When I heard the news of our Jamaican woman, Violet Mosse-Brown, who is now the oldest living person in the world, I was ecstatic but not surprised. At sometime or the other, it would happen because some of our ladies are currently living at some ripe old age and they are still going strong. The Jamaican food, roots juice, and medicinal herbs are packed with health benefits.

Also referred to as aunt V, she is a super-centenarian who resides in the community of Duanvale, Trelawny, Jamaica.

I listened to her testimony and she attributed her longevity to serving her Almighty God, which is a testimony of most of our elderly people. Also, her diet comprises of less meat, omitting pork and chicken and consuming fish, mutton and cow foot periodically. Her favourite is the famous coconut rundown.

I still recall my grandmother making coconut rundown so very often. The common names are run down, run dun, dip and fall back, fling me far, and custard. It was very delicious and very nutritious, especially now, since we have learnt the many health benefits of coconut oil, which can also treat cancer and Alzheimer disease.

The main ingredient in this delicious dish is coconut milk cooked down or simmered with your favourite fish and lots of natural seasoning like thyme, garlic and onion.
In regards to colouring, a bit of turmeric is good. The final result is a thickened custard, which can be eaten with any food of your choice. It is especially tasty with boiled banana and dumpling. My favourite fish that I use is the salted mackerel.

As I saw her reading a card without glasses, I could not help but be reminded of a function I hosted recently and saw a Jamaican woman who was eight-two years old and who sang from a page without glasses. I had to make mention of it and she entertained the crowd by making some dance steps and walked back to her seat quite briskly. It was so hard to believe that she was eighty-two years old.

No one knows how much longer aunt V will live, especially since the recent death of her eldest son. She testified that she feels little or no pain and she sleeps alone. She is a little hard of hearing but apart from that she is in good health.

I wish Violet Mosse-Brown continued health and strength until the Lord sees it fit to take her home.

It was indeed a sad day for Jamaica that Violet Mosse-Brown departed from this life on September 15, 2017 after a brief illness. May her soul rest in peace.

Re-submitted November 28, 2017

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Apr 20, 2017

by: Ann-Marie

I have no reason to doubt you!! God bless them all! Due to the world we now live in, it does not seem possible that most of us will every get that old.

Apr 20, 2017
Not for sure
by: Anonymous

God bless her, but in Ghana there are people who are older than her.

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