Jatropha curcas medicinal herb is also used as a house plant

Jatropha Curcas

Jatropha curcas medicinal herb also referred to as Tubang bakod is from the Euphorbiaceae family and it is a toxic or poisonous plant that has to be used with great caution. 

It is viewed as a traditional folklore medicine, despite its toxicity and used for various ailments, mostly external.  It is native to Central America and Mexico. 

Although this plant may be viewed as hazardous, it still has the importance of being a part of the herbal remedies that can be derived from medicinal plants. 

I am aware that persons sometimes consume the leaves.  However, I would advise everyone to use this herb externally instead of internally. I definitely, would not consume it. 

The common names are Purging nut, Barbados nut, Physic nut, Nettlespurge and Jatropha curcas linnaeus. 

The constituents of the seeds include almost 40 percent of oil which is used to produce biodiesel fuel and which is of a high quality. 

This fuel can be used in a standard diesel engine.  It is therefore called 'The Bio Diesel Medicinal Herb or Plant.'

The seeds also contain jatrophine and referred to as toxalbumin curcin and once again, this is greatly toxic.

Health benefits of jatropha curcas medicinal herb

The leaves are especially used for joint and muscle aches such as arthritis, rheumatism, sore joints, sprain ankles, sore muscles and snake bites.  

Prepare remedy by putting oil on the Jatropha leaves and then heat on open fire. After this preparation, place the leaves on areas that are painful and or sore.

The leaves possess anti-inflammatory properties and it is also used as an insecticide.

The seed and fruit are not edible.  They can be very toxic when eaten so avoid the seeds and fruits at all times.  Do not use the leaves excessively because they can be also poisonous when used internally.

The pounded leaves of jatropha curcas can be made into a poultice as well and used to aid in snake bites, muscles and joint pains.

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Updated October 18, 2016