Juniper berries have medicinal benefits and they are used as culinary herbs

Juniper berries

Juniper berries (Juniperus communis) medicinal herbs are small blue and or purple berries from the Juniper evergreen plant. They are also known as gin berries due to the fact they are used as flavor in gin, bitters and liqueurs.

The medicinal properties are diuretic, tonic, carminative, antiseptic as well as stomachic.  It is native to Europe, Northern United States, North Africa as well as Canada and juniper is a perennial plant from the Coniferae family.

The constituents are salines, lignin, sugar, resin, wax, vitamn C and volatile oil.  The common names are Common juniper, Juniper, Juniper berry, Arts as well as Juniperus communis.

Although the new twigs are used medicinally, however, the berries are the primary parts used for numerous health benefits and as herbal medicine in regards to various diseases.

The German Commission E, which is the federal authority that regulates herbal medicines in Germany, suggested that a dose of 2 to10 grams of the dried berries may be used per day to treat some of these ailments.

Health benefits of juniper berries

The benefits include the natural treatment of preventing and lowering of uric acid levels, decreasing inflammation of a gout attack, alleviating joint pains, arthritic and rheumatic pains, enlarged prostate as well as aid in the digestive system.

You can call these medicinal herbs, kidney herbs, because they are able to get rid of the excess water and waste materials from the kidneys and the bladder due to their diuretic medicinal properties.

This can also be describe as a herbal detox remedy.   it is also used to treat urinary tract infection (UTI).

Health benefits of the tea

When combined with a teaspoonful of minced peach leaves and a teaspoonful of marshmallow and make into a tea, it can be a very potent herbal medicine to cleanse the entire system. 

The tea can also be used to wash poisonous insect bites, including snake bites as well as dog bites.  It may also be used to bathe joints that are riddled with pain caused by arthritis and rheumatism.

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A cup of the tea is excellent for stomach ailments and to expel wind from the stomach and the bowels. 

It is very effective to treat respiratory conditions, especially if it used as herbal steam with a drop of the oil that can also be found in soaps as well as cosmetics.

They can be used as antibacterial air purifier.  To kill germs in the air, just simmer the berries in an open pot.

It is also good to sweeten and refresh the air. It was used in Europe to get rid of contagious and poisonous elements in sick rooms.


As a dosage, put a teaspoonful of the chopped berries to boiling water and allow to steep.

Consuming one to three cups per day is remedy for kidney treatment and urinary conditions, limiting the use of the tea to six weeks the most.


Prolonged use of this medicinal herb can cause kidney irritation and also avoid juniper berries if you are pregnant or breastfeeding because it can cause miscarriage.

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