Kava kava medicinal herb
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Wilted Kava Kava

kava kava (Piper methysticum) medicinal herb or kavakava is native to the South Pacific Islands as well as Mexico and must be taken with due care as this can lead to liver damage. The main parts used as herbal medicine are the roots and barks and its botanical name Piper methysticum means 'intoxicating pepper.'

It is of the Piperaceae family and the common names are Kava, Ava, Awa, Ava root, Ava pepper, Gea, Gi, Intoxicating pepper, Intoxicating long pepper, Kawa, kawa kawa, Kew, Long pepper, Kawa pepper, Kava-Kava, Piper methysticum as well as Tonga. 

It is reported that this kava got its botanical name from Captain James Cook who was a British explorer, captain in the Royal Navy, cartographer and navigator.

On many of his voyages he took delight in naming features and made records of various islands.  Some of its constituents are dihydrokawain, dihydromethysticin, methysticin, kavalactones, kawain and yangonin.

Health benefits of kava kava herb

Kava is a very beneficial medicinal herb to those who suffer with migraines, hypertension, cancer, toothaches, sore mouths, heart diseases, gastrointestinal issues as well as every day headaches and other pains.

The Greek translation for this medicinal herb is intoxicating, and that is why it is so beneficial to produce a good sleep.

It is useful to reduce depression and anxiety and will therefore help an individual to relax and get a good night's rest.

Kava is also useful to treat throat pains because it will produce a numbing effect on the tongue as well as the throat and so deaden the feelings of pain. It will be more effective when it is chewed at the back of the mouth at the same swallowing the saliva.

This process will effect the release of the kavalactones which is found in the root of kava-kava and therefore will be responsible to alleviate the pain in the throat because of its analgesic property.  It will also relieve pain in the lower back.

This medicinal herb is also used to treat rheumatism, respiratory tract infection, worms, obesity, headaches, fungal infections, leprosy, gonorrhea and vaginal infections.

Also, urinary infections, spleen enlargement, muscle spasm, heart attack, high blood pressure, gout, toothache, impotence, vomiting as well as menstrual problems. Some people also used it to enhance their sexual desire.

This is one of the herbs that can be used to maintain very good health by decreasing wrinkles and other features associated with aging.

Just like damiana, fennel, wild yam, dandelion and blessed thistle, kava, it is an ingredient in some breast enlargement pills.

There are lots of products on the market inclusive of the powder, capsules, drinks and much more of kava kava products to suit each person's need.

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