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Kelp has vitamins, minerals and IodineKelp

Kelp (Laminaria japonica) is a perennial seaweed which is also referred to as brown algae.  It is native to China and it is from the Phaeophyceae family.  Some people also refer to it as a sea vegetable. 

No matter what it is called, it is also seen as a medicinal herb because of the herbal benefits that can be derived from it.  The entire plant may be used as herbal medicine.  It has been traditionally used as medicine and food for hundreds of years.

The common names are Brown algae, Algae, Sea vegetable, Seawrack, Laminaria japonica, Tangle, Sea girdle, Dried algae and Brown seaweed.  

The constituents are minerals and vitamins, namely vitamin B6 and vitamin C, an abundant amount of iodine, fat, folate, sugar, pantothenic acid, thiamine, fiber and protein.

The medicinal properties are digestive, diuretic, mucilaginous, nutritive, antacid, alterative, anticoagulant and antiviral.

Health benefits of kelp

It is primarily used to treat and maintain the thyroid gland.  This will aid in promoting and improving metabolism, energy level as well as growth.

It is very effective to fight against the growth of goiter.  It is also useful to remedy inflamed and joint pains, osteoarthritis, arthritis, heartburn, poor blood circulation, lowers high cholesterol as well as to treat infections of the urinary tract.

Some persons have reported that it is good aid in loss of weight.  So people who want to lose all that fat can think of this brown algae to help them lose those unwanted pounds.

Fucose, which is a glyconutrient is also found in this seaweed.  The slimy feeling you get from it when handling it is a result of fucoidans which is found on the surface. 

Upon separating the slime, there are noticeable long threads which are extensions of fucoidan polysaccharides inclusive of fucose.

One of the medicinal benefits of fucoidans is anticoagulant.  Currently, fucoidans can be found in anticoagulant medicines as well as anti-thrombotic therapy.

So due to the presence of fucose, this medicinal herb or seaweed will combat various diseases, bacteria, toxins and infections.  

It will also aid in the healing of ulcers.  Having trouble with unhealthy skin? It is reported that this medicinal vegetable can give the skin an healthy glow.   I think the reason for this is that it is very high in alkali and which can bring relief even to eczema sufferers. 

Alkali will aid in neutralizing the acid found in acidic found and this action will take place in the stomach which will lead to healthy skin.


This medicinal herb can be purchased in health stores worldwide in capsules and other forms.  However, if it is possible to get the dried herb, grind it and use half teaspoon in a cup of moderately warm water and consume kelp once per day.

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