Kola nut medicinal herb can ease stomach ailments and it will stop diarrhea

Kola nut (Cola acuminata) medicinal herb is an excellent herbal remedy used to expel toxins from the body.  It is the nut of the kola tree, a genus of trees native to the tropical rainforests of Africa and it is in the Malvaceae family.  

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The common names are Cola nut, Bissy, Bizzy, Colero, Sterculia as well as Cola acuminata.  It is not as popular as it used to be, but everyone should really seek to have this herb in their kitchen cupboards for healthy living lifestyle.

The ancient Africans utilized it as a beverage and tonic for heart conditions.  The medicinal properties are relaxant, stimulant, tonic, nervine, diuretic, astringent, digestive, and sedative.

For many years, Jamaicans know it as bissy. I have personally benefited medicinally from the goodness of bissy. We used it very often for any kind of poison, thereby purifying the blood.

It is especially dear to the elders of this country. This is what we use prior to the doctors visit.  It is deemed as very effective because of its high tannic acid component.

Did you know that some people can be poisoned if you eat pineapple on hungry stomach? Well it happened to me and now I make sure to eat first before I eat pineapple.

However, I was poisoned after eating pineapple on an empty stomach. This resulted in some big dark patches which appeared on my skin, especially on my face, and the first thing my grandmother did was to give me a cup of bissy tea.

My mother however, took me to see the doctor, just to make sure that I was alright. The tea is made from the grated nut and is utilized just like coffee. The grated nut can also be placed directly on cuts for speedy healing.

Kola nut contains caffeine

This herb contains caffeine and so it is popularly used in energy drinks which is used to energize the body and mind.

An herbal extract of kola nut also energizes and boosts mental clarity and enhances physical performance.

The seeds can be chewed as a stimulant to extract the natural caffeine content and the seeds also contain forty-six percent of starch, over two percent of caffeine, three percent fat as well as small amounts of glucose and sucrose.

Chewing the nut can also ease hungry pangs. However, too much chewing of this herb can produced stains on the teeth. Therefore, a person must be careful of the frequency of chewing cola nut.

Due to the fact that it has this ability to work on the mind and energize and strengthen the body.

I believe that it was for this reason that bissy was introduced to Latin American as well as the West Indies to influence the slaves to work assiduously.  Other constituents are fat, sugar, starch, tannin and gum.

Health benefits of Kola nut herb

It is a very good alternative remedy to combat all nervous problems and it can be used as a tonic and as a beverage.

The tea is very beneficial in the treatment of blood circulation conditions, cardiovascular rhythms and it also acts diuretically on the heart.

As I have said before it is good to detoxify the whole body of any kind of poison, it worked for me and hundreds of other Islanders. It is also good for whooping cough and asthma as well as other bronchial problems.

The twigs and stems of the kola nut tree can produce natural eye-drops. This is done by soaking the sharpened points in water.

This procedure will produce a slimy drop at the tip of each twig or stem which is then dropped into the eye. This should be done before retiring to bed at nights to get the best possible result.

It is good to clear up pink eye or conjunctivitis, removes cataracts as well as other growths in the eye.

This herb can also treat eye inflammation as well as bloodshot eyes. To do this, soak some of the leaves in water for a few hours, then use the liquid to wash the eyes.

Kola nut is used in traditional and spiritual practices

It is also used in traditional and spiritual practices of culture and religion. This is done in the West Indies as well as Nigeria.

In this culture and religion it is used as a sacred offering, especially during prayers, life events, ceremonies, weddings and also funerals. It is also used as a religious object.

The tea

We usually grate the dry bissy and use the desired grated amount, boiled for few minutes to make tea, but it can be gotten in tea bag forms in stores. For hot tea, just use one bag per cup.

Pour in boiling water and steep for 5-7 minutes. Then add sweetener to kola nut tea if desired.

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Updated March 3, 2020

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