Lemon leaves medicinal herbs are used as herbal medicine

Boiled lemon leaves done at my home in Jamaica. Medicinalherbs-4u.comBoiled Lemon Leaves

Lemon leaves tea is now popular among many tea lovers. Someone once said to me, I drink lime leaves tea and orange leaves tea but I have never tried lemon leaf tea. I was amazed because I have been drinking this tea for awhile. It is highly refreshing, calming, tangy and tasty. It reminds me of limes leaves, another refreshing and beneficial tea. 

The leaves can be placed in various foods when cooking to give a nice flavour. It is believed that it can be replaced with the use of vinegar when preparing meat to be cooked.

The medicinal properties are sedative, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Crushed leaves can be placed in Olive oil for two weeks and then used for joint pains and skin ailments.

For whatever reasons, lemon trees are not as common as orange and lime trees in my Island. I, however, have planted my own lemon tree and I am reaping both the citrus fruits and the leaves. Lemons have become a scarce commodity causing the prices to escalate over time.

Health Benefits of Lemon Leaves

The leaves are used to treat asthma, migraine, expelling of worms, The lemon leaves can be used to treat nerve disorders like insomnia, nervousness, racing of the heart and flu.  It is also used to enhance the function of the blood vessels in the body.

The leaves are loaded with vitamin C which is essential to fight infections, viruses and other ailments while at the same time will boost the immune system. Boosting the immune system is paramount to ward off viruses and remain healthy.

Flavonoids are found in these citrus leaves. The compounds consist of antioxidants that may help to protect you against various damaging diseases.

It is Beneficial in Weight Loss

Many people are obsessed with losing weight. They therefore seek different ways and try many methods to shed those unwanted pounds. Some will go on special diets to achieve their goal.

Sadly, many sometimes lose the battle and they give up. Just like the citrus fruits that are known to help shedding the pounds, the leaves also have the ability to slash that weight and make you feel good.

So drinking the tea regularly may help in your goal of losing those unwanted pounds

How I make lemon leaf tea 

I put eight lemon leaves, including the twigs, into about two cups of boiling water. Let it boil for about ten minutes, then allow to cool. After which, consume your cup of lemon leaves tea.

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