Lime leaves have been used as herbal remedy in various countries

Lime Tree

Lime leaves tea was one of my favourite herbal teas and it still is today. The older folks in Jamaica call all teas made by herbs as "bush tea." I remembered, as a child, my grandmother would call me each morning to go pick some bush to make "bush tea" and sometimes, these leaves were the choice tea for some of these mornings. Its natural remedies are soothing and calming and for many of us, it is one of the best medicinal herbs. 

The leaves are also seen as well as a refreshing beverage. One of its common names is lime leaf and the lime tree grows lavishly in Jamaica.

The citrus fruit lime (Citrus aurantifolia) of the lime tree may be more popular than the leaves.  The juice from the lime is a good remedy for excess gas and abdominal pain.  Also,  the juice is packed with Vitamin C which is very good for the immune system.  However, the leaves are also very important and full of health benefits as well.  They both are utilized for various illnesses ranging from a simple cold to hypertension.

Lime leaves contain natural herbal remedies

I love the flavour and the green colour that they produce whenever they are boiled. However, these leaves contain natural herbal remedies that are very beneficial to its users. Jamaicans have side-stepped the use of herbs for awhile but are now realizing that we need to go back to our roots because, we use to feel healthier, feel stronger as well as live longer upon using these medicinal herbs. Anyway, lime leaf is still a favorite among many Jamaicans.

We are not the only country that uses it for its health benefits, but Bahamas, Yucatan, as well as Trinidad to name a few, also utilize this wonderful medicinal  herb.

Health benefits of lime leaf tea

The tea is an alternative herbal medicine for nerve tonic, high blood pressure, peptic ulcers, colds, asthma, digestion, scurvy, constipation, bronchial and respiratory conditions and it is also used as a sedative.

Lime leaf contains Vitamin C as well as flavonoids which makes it a good medicinal herb to treat various diseases like heart diseases and cancer.

There are individuals who chew lime leaves to prevent nausea, an upset stomach and vomiting and there are no reports of side effects upon using the leaves for these health benefits.

The fresh juice may be used for arthritis and it is also a good herbal remedy when it is mixed with water to stop diarrhea and bellyaches. The juice is also good to be used as a disinfectant for wounds, cuts and bruises.

Some persons cut the lime fruits in halves and use them to rub arthritic joints.  Many of those same persons have testified that it is an effective remedy to alleviate the joint pains and will eventually cure this ailment.

To make the tea, I personally boil 4-6 of the leaves in the amount of water that will bring out the taste. I boil the lime leaves just for a few minutes and then sweetened with a small amount of brown sugar.

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