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Liquid herbal remedies are common these days and you can make your very own herbal liquid. Herbal medicine plays a very vital role in the powers of natural healing with the utilization of medicinal herbs. This important role is the fight against diseases and to support an healthy body, mind and also spirit.

There are various ways of preparing this type of liquid inclusive of creams, syrups, decoction, tinctures and of course teas. This may require patience and certain amount of expertise.

However, even a novice will be able to acquire knowledge to do the preparations, especially if you are an avid lover of natural health. You do not have to go through great search on herbology to learn how to prepare liquid herbal remedies.

The following are herbal recipes for the mixture of this liquid. The medicinal herbs that will be mentioned can be purchased at shopping center or herbal shops. It would be more convenient if you grow your own.

Herbal Teas also referred to as bush teas, tisanes as well as herbal infusions are liquid herbal remedies. Preparation is done by infusing the the flowers, leaves, stems and other aerial parts of medicinal herbs in boiling water.

Maceration is another type of preparing liquid herbal remedies. This is also an infusion, but the difference is that the medicinal herbs are soaked in cold water instead of boiling water. Two herbs that are suitable for maceration are valerian and marshmallow root.

Decoction is also another way of making liquid herbal remedies and it is mostly done with roots, seeds, barks, stems and berries of plants. Unlike steeping, these will have to be boiled.

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Updated March 31, 2020

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