Liver herbs can be used as medicinal home remedies to rejuvenate the liver


Liver Herbs

The human liver is a large glandular organ in the abdomen of the vertebrates.  It is deemed as one of the natural detoxification of the body.  It is responsible, along with the kidney, to get rid of impurities from the body.  However, liver problems can be a threat to this important process permitting toxins to invade and strive in the body causing a decrease in immunity and posing an health risk.

Liver failure causes

Liver problems can be caused by continuous consumption of alcohol, consumption of tobacco products, exposure to chemicals, second hand smoke and other toxins from the environment, medication or drugs, a history of fatty liver as well as a history of gall bladder problem. 

Liver diseases can cause fatigue, hemorrhages, jaundice, decrease of energy as well as insanity.

Chemicals, fumes in the environments, the food we eat can affect the health in a disastrous way.  They all can lead to toxic invasion and the body needs to be cleansed from theses unwanted toxins.  So the liver needs to be functioning to aid with this process, hence the use of liver herbs.  Some people adopt to other liver flush such as a lengthy fasting from juice. 

It is therefore very important to keep the liver healthy or treat liver conditions with natural remedies.  There are medicinal herbs which can help with a liver detoxification or liver cleansing.  Some people refer to it as a liver flush and bitter herbs are very good for the cleansing of the liver.

*Liver Cleanse Drink*

Blend half cup of fresh lemon juice

Quarter cup of Lecithin granules

One tablespoonful of horseradish powdered root

One clove of garlic

Quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper

List of liver herbs

My top five medicinal herbs for liver are:

Dandelion: It is used to treat liver and kidney disease, bladder problems such as bed wetting.  It also has diuretic action.

Milk thistle:  This medicinal herb has the ability to stimulate liver function.  It is also excellent to reconstruct liver cells.  Especially those cells that have been damaged by hepatitis, junk food, alcohol and illnesses.

Fenugreek:  This is one of the herbs that aids in ridding the liver of mucus and toxins.

Chicory: A tea made from the root of this medicinal herb is used as a blood purifier for the liver.  It is also good for the kidneys and to clean out the intestines, stomach and colon. Chicory is one of the bitter herbs.

Yellow dock root: It is a medicinal herb that will promote the flow of bile and it possesses an active effect on the bowel.  It may also ease cases of constipation, digestive problems, and liver diseases.

Herbal teas for the liver

Herbal teas are also great to detox the liver and these can be a combination of liver medicinal herbs.

Fenugreek, flax seed, licorice root, peppermint, burdock and fennel seed can be combined for a good herbal tea cleansing of the liver.

If you do not want to use the tea bags, then you can make your own by boiling one and a half cup of purified water, preferably in a glass container. Add one  tablespoonful of herbal mixture (combination of liver herbs), let is stand for ten minutes, then strain and drink at mild temperature.

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