Lyme Disease Treatment With Chinese Herbs

Lyme Disease Rash

Lyme Disease Rash

Lyme disease can be a complex disease that has many diverse conditions. However, various Chinese herbs which can be found in the Chinese pharmacopeia have the ability to treat and cure distinct aspects of the disease. Lyme disease is commonly caused by a tick bite. I am sure that many persons did not know that these tiny ticks could be carriers of Lyme. It is described as a contagious disease triggered by the spirochetes organism, Borrelia burgdorferi.

In its early phases, antibiotics can simply treat Lyme disease. However, most times it not identified at those early stages. One trait of the disease is a bull’s eye rash. However, there are persons who never show signs of this type of rash. Also persons with darker skin pigmentation can confuse it with eczema, ringworm and other skin condition. So identifying Lyme disease in its late stages can be difficult due the extensive types of symptoms that a person can exhibit during these late stages.

Symptoms of Lime disease include a decreased body temperature which can give rise to poor blood circulation, unstable swellings, lumps and cysts may develop in varied parts of the body. Also, there is acute pain, especially joint pain, decreased energy as well ailments of the nervous system. This is when
the bacteria construct surroundings where they can strive and develop. Another symptom is that of an elevation feeling which can be attributed to an environment of low oxygen which this disease can produce inside of the body.

Although the treatment of Lyme disease can be varied due to its late stages, medicinal herbs, inclusive of Chinese herbs that possess antibacterial properties may aid the symptoms of Lyme.

Chinese herbs that can be used to combat the spirochetes bacteria are siegesbeckia, andrographis paniculata (chuan xin lian), also referred to as King of the bitters, ginseng, gardenia (zhi zi), coptis rhizome (huang lian), isatis (ban lan gen) (qing dai), phellodendron (huang bai), forsythia (lian qiao), scute root (huang qin) and smilax (tu fu ling).

Other herbs that can be used as natural remedies to treat Lyme are garlic (strong antibiotic), ginger, clove, licorice, dong quai, magnolia bark, cinnamon, myrrh and frankincense.

Along with Chinese herbs and other medicinal herbs, vitamin C which is found in citrus fruits, peppers and strawberries, has the ability to build the immune system for faster relief of the flu like symptoms of Lyme disease.

If at any time you suspect that you have contracted Lyme disease, make sure to see your doctor for a diagnosis. This disease can be fatal.

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