Mango leaves medicinal herbs have been used as herbal remedy for many diseases

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Mango Leaves (Mangifera Indica)

Mangoes are native to India and they are considered sacred there as well. Mangoes originated in Central America and from there spread to the West Indies, Florida, California and the rest of Latin America. There are many different kinds of mangoes.  The mango is seen as the King of fruits.

Mango trees are commonly grown in Jamaica. The mangoes are our primary fruits and they are rich in vitamins A and C, minerals, and antioxidants. It is believed that our children enjoyed good eye-sights because of the rich Vitamin A that is found in these fruits. There is also some traces of Vitamin D.  However, for those suffering from diabetes should avoid the fruits and concentrate more on the leaves which are able to treat the condition.

In the mango season, as we so call it in Jamaica, the animals, such as the goats and pigs, enjoy those mangoes that are battered after falling from the tree or have been bitten by birds. Usually, the result of them eating the mangoes can be seen from their glowing and healthy hairy skin. Therefore, even the animals can enjoy the health benefits of mangoes. The animals enjoy eating the leaves as well.

Although all parts of this wonderful plant can be used medicinally, it is the leaves that I will be focusing on which can yield some wonderful health benefits.

Health benefits of mango leaves tea

A tea of the leaves are used to stop diarrhea, fever, and to prevent insomnia and hypertension. It is seen as a common folk remedy for diabetes. We in Jamaica are known to use these herbal remedy which are less costly and most of the trees are grown in almost every yard you come across, which give each person easy access to use the leaves as medicinal herbs and as alternative medicine.


It is an alternative remedy for all kinds of coughs, especially whooping cough and it is also useful for asthma, bronchitis, as well as colds. Therefore, it is a good aid in every respiratory condition.

The tea also makes an excellent herbal mouthwash for various gum problems. It will alleviate the pain and will bring relief to the mouth.

Mango leaves tea is also good to lower high blood pressure, as well as treat restlessness in an individual.

Two to three cups of tea can be added to bath water and used as a herbal bath for that invigorating and cool spirit.

Tannins and also resins may be found in the leaves as well as the bark and the medicinal property astringent is found in these parts of the tree.

Mango Recipe

I saw my husband with this mango recipe and thought I should share it. At first I did not enjoy it but after a while I really started to savor the taste. It is most refreshing when it is placed on the refrigerator.

  • One big ripe firm mango
  • Slice mango in preferred sizes
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper to taste (preferably scotch bonnet)
  • Combine all three together making sure that the salt and pepper are distributed equally and enjoy!

Be reminded of all the health benefits of the mango leaves.

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