Maple leaves medicinal herbs have been used as herbal remedy

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Maple leaves are utilized as medicinal herbs.   Some people may not readily grasp this belief, but it is a fact.  It is natural herbal remedy and alternative medicine for various ailments.   It may not be very popular in current times, but there are persons who still benefit from the medicinal values of the leaves.  The bark is also a natural remedy.

Maple (Acer rubrum) is also called Swamp maple and it is from the Aceraceae or Sapindaceae family.  It is said that there are about one hundred and fifty species.  Most of these are native to Asia with some of the maple trees growing in other parts of the world inclusive of Canada.   The maple tree is now one of Canada's arboreal emblems and the maple leaf is the national symbol of Canada.  The maple leaf is displayed on the Canadian flag as well as the coat of arms of Canada.

The maple tree makes one the best shade trees ever.  In addition, the maple syrup and maple sugar are two very important extractions that are very popular worldwide.  The maple syrup is favoured by many to be used on pancakes.

Health benefits of maple leaves

The medicinal properties of the maple leaf is sedative and tonic.  It is an excellent remedy for the liver as well the spleen.  It does not only treat these organs but it will bring about a tranquil nature to them as well. 

Feeling the blues, irritable or just nonchalant?  Then use the maple leaf medicinal herb as tonic to bring a new feeling to the whole system.  The bark of the tree is just as good and will bring the same result.  They are also very good to treat nervous conditions.


Put one teaspoonful of the powdered leaves or the bark to one cup of boiling water to make tea.  Take up to three cups of tea per day for ailments and it is more effective when maple leaves tea is taken on empty stomach.

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