The use of medicinal herb will result in healthy bodies

Medicinal herb remedies is an approach to treating diseases with herbs. It is alternative medicine that currently has risen to a great extent because people are searching for natural healing or common herbal remedies for mind, body and spirit.

This was practiced as far back as in the middle ages. The history of medicinal herbs proved this. Most people back then were cavity-free, free of bone diseases and free of digestive tract illness because they practiced a natural food diet and they used medicinal herbs.

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They enjoyed a very good holistic health and the uses of medicinal plants for medicine and other purposes changed little in early medieval Europe.

What about us today? The conclusion of the whole matter is that the Bible also encourages us to use herbs as they are for the healing of the nations.

Noni tree in Jamaica, medicinal herbs

A-Z Herbal Disease Treatment - medicinal herb remedies









Medicinal herb remedies




  • Nerves: Passionflower, damiana, garlic, mint, skullcap, valerian
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  • Whooping cough: thyme, leaf of life, John Charles, queen of the meadow, licorice, Joe-pye weed, coltsfoot, rosemary, linden flowers, horseradish, comfrey.
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Updated February 17, 2020

Two medicinal herbs that are excellent to utilize during pregnancy is found at pregnancy herbs.


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