Medicinal Uses Of Honey

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Honey is very beneficial and useful in many ways. Medicinally, it is top priority for most users. They used it because of what they can get out of it and you can get a lot of medicinal benefits. It has the ability to get rid of bacteria simply by engrossing the moisture that helps to keep these bacteria alive.

Pure honey is a natural remedy to prevent and treat infections because germs cannot strive and live in honey. So it can be used to spread on sores and wounds as well as it will help to prevent infections and also to stop bleeding.

The medicinal uses of honey also includes it as a very good aid for chronic constipation which can have a natural laxative effect.

When it is taken in large amounts honey may cure insanity and ailments associated with nervous breakdown. It is really a natural nerve tonic.

When pure honey is applied to burns it will not cause the skin to blister nor create any further damage. After spreading and leaving it on the skin, the pain will be eased and then it may be washed off with cool water. The result, a very renewed skin.

Many persons see it as one the best cough medicines. For me, I love to mix it with lime juice which will help to take care of both cough and cold. Some prefer to mix honey with pure olive oil which both will help to alleviate the cough quicker than usual and it will get rid of phlegm and mucus.

When it is consumed at nights, it will aid in calming the nerves and takes care of insomnia bringing about a very sound and restful sleep which may involve some pleasant dreams.

To stop bed-wetting in children as well as adults, a tablespoon of buckwheat honey an hour before bedtime is quite sufficient. Buckwheat honey is not very sweet and it is very nutritious. It can also be a very good substitute for the syrup which is used on pancakes.

Women will be happy to know that honey can also used as beauty aid. Warm honey applied to the face will not only make the skin soft, but it aids in getting rid of wrinkles and blackheads. It can also clean pores, heals and normalize oils of the skin.

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Sep 10, 2013
Great Information!
by: Wellesley Gayle

I love honey. I ensure I buy a bottle every time I go to the supermarket :-)

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