The juice of milkweed medicinal herb can be used externally as a natural remedy for poison ivy rash

Milkweed medicinal herb

Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) is an herbaceous American plant. The common names are Silkweed, Silky swallow wort, Cottonweed, Cancer weed , Butterfly flower, Snake milk and also Virginia silk. It is a perennial herb of the Asclepiadaceae family, which contains over one hundred and forty species. It is known for its milky juice, hence the given name.  The plant can be found in abundance in South America as well as Africa.  It is loved by butterflies, especially the viceroy butterflies.

The medicinal properties are tonic, laxative, emetic, analgesic, alterative, emmenagogue and diuretic.

The main parts used as herbal medicine are the root and the sap and this is the common milkweed with which almost everyone is familiar with.  It is a common garden weed here in Jamaica and the older folks know much about it.  They are the ones we have to turn to just to get information about this plant.

It is the main food supply of monarch butterfly larvae, so usually the plant will often be utilized in butterfly farming and I am told that a whole lot of these plants are needed for this type of farming.

This plant is so versatile that it is now being used in the manufacturing of bed linens and mattresses.  I am still amazed at times how God made these beautiful plants for herbal therapy in whichever way we want to use them for our own benefits.  Most people are now aware that herbalism is the better way and it will aid in a long, healthy and fulfill life.  This medicinal herb which is also called silkweed is a part of this plan made by God.

Health benefits of milkweed herb

This is an alternative remedy for female complaints, bowel, and kidney troubles. It increases the flow of urine and is therefore good for conditions of the bladder.

It is often used in the place of lobelia and it is very effective remedy for gallstones and also asthma. It is also an excellent remedy for typhus fever, coughs, pains, various types of skin cancer as well as scrofula.

To make the tea prepare equal parts of silkweed and marshmallow, then steep one teaspoonful in a cup of boiling water. Then take three cups daily and one hot cup upon retiring to bed. Children should be given less according to age.

The fuzz can be an excellent in case you need some survival skill while camping or walking in the wilderness. The fuzz is ideal to start a fire.

The sap

A sap can be extracted from this medicinal plant and it is excellent in the removal warts. Some people refer to the sap as juice.  To do this just apply the silkweed sap to the wart frequently per day and eventually the wart will fall off.  if you wish you may cover it with bandage.  There are individuals who have testified of its effectiveness to remove warts.  Milkweed sap is surely a natural wart remover.

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