Mint medicinal herb can treat diarrhea

Mint leaves

Mint (Monarda punctata) is a medicinal herb which can be grown in anybody's herb garden possessing soil that is moist, rich and preferably in a shady environment. There are about 3,500 species and it is a perennial plant from the Labiatae family.  They are also referred to as the Mentha species.  They give great flavour to almost every dish.  This was one of my grandmother's favourite plant.  Oh how she loved this herb and it has been passed down to her generation.  I think everyone who comes in contact with the this plant family falls in love without hesitation.

It is native to the Mediterranean area, it can thrive for years with no form of maintenance and its height in growth is always 12-24 inches.

The medicinal properties are rubefacient, stimulant, carminative, diaphoretic, emmenagogue, aromatic as well as diuretic.

I just love the odor of this medicinal plant.  I welcome it at all times in my home and it is easy to be grown.  It can be an indoor plant as well as outdoor plant.  The common names are Horsemint, Monarda and Monarda punctata.

Although the whole plant is used, most of the substances are primarily found in the volatile oil. Its constituents are thymol, hydrocarbon, provitamin A, vitamin C  as well as higher oxygenated compounds.

It is a part of herbal tea and for centuries herbal tea has been utilized for medicinal purposes all over the world.  Currently, tea is grown in various countries inclusive of China, England, the Caribbean, Egypt as well as the USA.  Most people all over the world have full access to herbal tea which can really boost the good health of an individual.

Health benefits of mint herb

The colonists used it medicinally and as natural remedy by drinking tea for headaches, heartburn, as well as indigestion.  This herb can be grown as an indoor plant as well as outdoor.  It can also be grown in pots.  The flavor from it can be found in cookies, teas, candies, jellies, chewing gum, flavoring for medicines, toothpaste, ice-cream, liqueurs and much more items.  It is a naturally remedy for bad breath.

On the culinary side, it is used with butter, fish, salads, sauces, cheese, fruits, fruit salads, soups, jellies, plain meats, roast lamb, stews, poultry, teas, lentil and bean dishes.  In some countries such as the Middle East, it is utilized in yoghurt dressings, vegetables and as a cheese pastry filling.

Are you feeling nauseous? Are you suffering from an upset stomach? You need not to worry because this medicinal herb is used to soothe upset stomach, alleviate nauseousness, ease toothaches, vomiting, gas in the stomach and also the intestinal tract, as well as other digestive problems. It also eases pain, especially  rheumatism and arthritis and it is very effective to suppress urine.

Mint herb can also be used to treat insomnia and bring about complete relation, especially after a very tiresome day at work because it is a very calming drink.

It is a versatile plant because it is a great tea in the winter time and it is also excellent as a very soothing and calming summer drink in the summertime because it aids in tolerating the summer heat.   The summer drink can be double great with the addition of a little ginger herb which makes it even more delicious.  Ginger added to most drinks can be very delicious indeed and also beneficial to the body.  Just writing this content makes me want to have some right away.

The leaves can be used fresh, dried or frozen and crushing the leaves will release the essential oil which is pleasant, strong and soothing.  There are so many varieties of mint that no one should be short of its health benefits. 


I grow my own plant, and each morning I pick a branch or two, pour my boiling water on it, let it stand for few minutes and I enjoy my herbal tea by sweetening it with a little honey and consume. The fresh herb gives a special taste.

10 to 30 drops of mint herb plant tincture daily in a glass of water will also aid the above ailments.  You can also use one teaspoonful of the dried leaves or 3 teaspoonfuls of the crushed fresh leaves in a cup of boiling water. Steep and sweeten mint to taste.

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