Motherwort medicinal herb is a natural therapy

Motherwort medicinal herb

Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) medicinal herb is an herbaceous perennial plant.  It is from the mint family and it is native to Europe and temperate parts of Central Asia.  It has been introduced into North America and now grows wild there.

The popular names are Lion's tail, Lion's ear, Mother's wort, Roman mother's wort and Throw-wort. The entire plant can be used and the medicinal properties are diaphoretic, antispasmodic, tonic, nervine and emmenagogue and it is from the Lamiaceae family.

Health benefits of motherwort herb

It is a very good herbal tonic and it is used to regulate menstrual flow and other female troubles as well as the female reproductive system.  It is useful in nervous complaints, fainting, heart flutters, cramps, convulsions, hysteria, delirium, over-active thyroid (hyperthyroidism) and sleeplessness.  It also helps to alleviate or stop hot flashes and provides a great help to women experiencing menopause.

Ten to twenty drops of the tincture can relieve agitation and nervousness and can be repeated every five minutes if the need arises.

It is a natural treatment for liver infection, suppressed urine, and it is also herbal remedy for chest colds and fevers.  It is also good to kill worms.

When it is combined with herbs such as black cohosh, licorice, wild yam root, skullcap, valerian root as well as chamomile.   It can be an effective supplement for loss of hair due to estrogen deficiency.  Therefore it plays a very important role in the benefit of hair growth and herbal treatment for hair.

It is herbal cure for nervousness, gastritis, heart conditions and the other ailments combine one cup of brandy to one ounce of the fresh leaves. Let it stand for approximately one month. Strain and consume ten drops of this tincture at a time two times daily. If the sickness is severe then three times per day is good enough.

Another remedy for nervousness is using ten to twenty drops of tincture which will make you sober, vigilant and alert.

It was discovered in a research that it is able to calm palpitations and irregular heartbeat.  Therefore, It aids in an healthy cardiovascular function.  It is also great for the circulatory system.

Midwives use it for a variety of purposes, including uterine tonic and prevention of uterine infection in women, this is how the named motherwort originated.

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