Motion Sickness Top Six Natural Remedies

Essence of Peppermint

Essence of Peppermint

Motion sickness is an embarrassing ailment for most sufferers, but all hope is not dead. There are six natural remedies that I know of that can curb this sickness. There are persons who completely avoid traveling because of the bad experiences they have had with this sickness.

How about you? Have you ever had this experience? I have never experienced it but I have relatives who sometimes are bothered with it.

What is Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is a period of vomiting as well as nauseous feelings when you travel by air, land or sea. It is not a nice experience, neither for the sufferer or the other passengers. I have seen one or two cases, where passengers were horrific because they were messed up all over with vomit. This happening ruined their trip completely.

Motion sickness happens when the message in the inner ear, which control the balance, is unbalance with the message from the eye. These messages do not comply with each other, resulting in motion sickness.

It is said that this condition is somewhat psychological. Therefore, traveling with a stress free mind and a non-phobic attitude towards traveling will greatly help.

Natural Remedies

There are a few natural remedies that I am familiar with. They might sound very foolish but these were like tradition to Jamaicans when traveling in vehicles on long trips. We have a knack of conjuring up natural remedies when ailments befall us and most of them do work.

1. Make sure to carry a big brown paper bag to breathe into when the attack is coming

2. Stuff newspaper in around the chest area to alleviate motion sickness. A big puzzle to many, but those who tried it will testify that it helped.

3. It is a big no to travel without icy mints or mint balls. These mint candies can do a world of good in easing the nauseous feelings and help to calm the mind. If you prefer peppermint tea, then by all means travel with your thermos to have cups of soothing mint tea on the way. Essence of peppermint is also an excellent choice.

4. Just as mint herb, ginger is an excellent herbal remedy for motion sickness. Take some ginger candies with you or, instead make yourself some good old ginger tea to consume on the way. Ginger will work wonders in your gastrointestinal tract by alleviating the nauseous feelings as it takes in acidic contents.

5. At all cost, avoid alcohol when traveling. It will only make matters worst for your condition. It will turn out to be a terrible contributory event to motion sickness.

6. Open the window beside you and respectably ask passengers to open their windows to get a lot of fresh air in the vehicle. In case you are traveling on a plane open the vent. Fresh air will clean the lungs allowing you to breathe out toxins and energized the body in such a way that it will help clear the mind and alleviate motion sickness.

There are so many other natural remedies but these are my top six remedies to treat motion sickness.

Updated October 19, 2019

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