The freshly crushed flowers of mullein medicinal herb will remove warts

Mullein (Vernascum thapsus) medicinal herb is in fact among the list of first and foremost home-use herbs.  It is genus of about 250 species of flowering plants in the figwort family Scrophulariaceae, and it is native to Europe and Asia, Northern Africa, including Ethiopia and Egypt. It is also a biennial or perennial plant.

The medicinal properties are anodyne, diuretic, demulcent, antispasmodic, vulnerary, astringent, emollient, pectoral.  The farming areas for this medicinal herb are Egypt, Czech Republic as well as Bulgaria. It bears yellow colored flower bearing five petals.  The flowers bloom from June up to September of each year.

The parts used as herbal medicine are the leaves, the flowers as well as the roots. The common names are velvet plant, verbascum flowers, woolen blanket herb, bullock's lungwort, flannel flower, shepherd's club, hare's beard, pig taper, cow's lungwort.

Health benefits

The benefits includes the root which is extremely valuable in the remedy for asthma and bronchitis. Consequently, those who are victims of the asthma and bronchitis would undoubtedly do good to possess this unique medicinal herb at all times. To decrease the attack of asthma it is advisable to burn the root and then breathe in the fumes.  This also done for bronchitis.

It was once used by herbalist as a traditional medicinal herb to treat and soothe skins that were irritated as well as a remedy for respiratory conditions.  It is an astringent so It may also be utilized as a salve to heal wounds and as well as hemorrhoids.

Although some individuals smoke it for the respiratory conditions, it is advisable that this method is too dangerous for the lungs.  Therefore, it was approved by the German authorities to utilize it in other forms, such as, herbal tea, tincture as well as an extract.  These methods are also effective and safer to use although it is found in some smoking blend.

Benefits of mullein tea

A tea of the leaves is very valuable as an asthma remedy, croup, bronchitis, all lung afflictions, bleeding of the lungs, difficult breathing, colds, flu, dry cough and hay fever.

The tea is also good as a throat gargle and also for toothache, as well as an excellent remedy for washing open sores on the skin. How to aid sleep is asked by many day by day, so a tea made from the flowers will induce sleep, relieve pain, and in large doses will act as a laxative. So it can also be seen as a laxative herb.


Fomentation taken from the hot tea which is made from mullein leaves are helpful for inflamed piles, ulcers, tumors, mumps, earache, acute inflammation of the tonsils, and sore throat. Fomentation is excellent in any glandular swelling as well as enlarged testicles. Apply fomentation on swellings four times per day.

To make fomentation of this medicinal herb simmer an ounce of mullein along with an ounce of sanicle in two quarts of water for approximately twenty minutes.

Once taken inwardly, it is extremely efficient in favor of the following ailments: dropsy, catarrh, as well as inflamed joints. Boil one ounce of the herb for a couple of minutes in a pint of boiling water or soya milk then consume an half of a teacup immediately after each and every single bowel movement for dysentery and loose bowels.  Also, for bleeding that comes from the bowels consume half cup of mullein tea.

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