My Dog Eats Medicinal Herbs

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My Dog

My Dog

I saw my dog eating sage herb and this joyous sight made me realized that God gave even the animals the insight to know that herbs are natural healing plants. They know when to take herbal medicine and they also know which plant is good for them.

My two dogs took sick and one of them eventually died. His death really broke my heart. However, I noticed that the one that is still alive regularly eat various plants around the yard, especially sage herb while the other did not.

Although I administered care and gave him other medications, he still succumbed to his illness. Today, my surviving dog is alive and well and she is back to her usual happy self, thanks to medicinal herbs.

Regaining Health Through Herbs

I am convinced that it was the herbs that she constantly nibbled on made her well again. She took care of her own health and the frothing, poor appetite and loss of weight that she experienced disappeared after a few days. At present, she regain her big appetite, regain her weight and is healthy as a horse.

Some of the medicinal herbs that are good for dogs are dandelion, Aloe Vera, dill, alfalfa as well as sage.

Ancient Healers Discovery

I found out that ancient healers discovered that ailing animals continued to search for specific herbs due to their ability to identify the medicinal properties. So it was no surprise to me when I saw my dog eating on these herbs.

Today, it is a relief that through these discoveries, numerous herbal products can be purchased for the treatment of your animals, especially if you do not reside in the country areas where herbs are grown freely.

Whether it is for your own personal use or for your animal care, reach out and embrace the world of medicinal herbs. My dog is embracing it.

Updated August 2, 2017

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