My Vacation in British Columbia Canada

Cypress Mountain Resort, B.C., Canada

Cypress Mountain Resort, B.C., Canada

I decided that my long awaited vacation will be spent in British Columbia, Canada. I was never disappointed due to the fact that my time with family and friends was excellent.

B.C. is alive with lots of activities for everyone who specializes in culture, arts, religions and other beliefs. I must say it is a multicultural province. I have personally met some Koreans, Indians, Filipinos, Chinese, Barbadians, Guyanese and Africans and it was indeed a pleasure of mine to meet them.

No wonder Canada, which is the second largest country in the world, is seen as a very prominent tourist destination with a tremendous environment, fantastic and friendly people.

British Columbia boasts some very beautiful as well as mountainous landscapes and I could never omit the peaceful ambience. Yes, my decision to spend my vacation in British Columbia, Canada was indeed an excellent choice.

During my vacation, I just had to incorporate medicinal herbs, my biggest passion. My family and friends, surprisingly, were very much herbal folks and I was so happy about that because then I did not miss a beat in my intake of teas just like back home in Jamaica. There were herbs everywhere.

Medicinal herbs were sold in various stores. There were Chinese herbs, Indian herbs, African herbs and lots more for herbal lovers. My family and friends delight in herbal teas and very often cups of teas were consumed with or without meals. Oh, how I love my stay in
B.C., Canada.

It so happened that I went in the month of March and I stayed up to the month of April and that was the first time I experienced such cold weather. Hail, snow, and continuous rain greeted the beginning of spring. So, to everyone, it felt like it was still winter.

However, coming to the end of my stay I was so happy to see the sun and felt some sort of warmth like back home and it felt good. Thank God, it remained like that until I left for Jamaica, my Island home.

To me, it was a trip of a lifetime as I visited the City of Vancouver, the famous Stanley Park, Cypress Mountain with blankets of snow and breathtaking views, concerts, church services, stores that offer Jamaican products, restaurants offering Greek, Italian and Indian cuisines.

To sum it up, this province offers it all. There are lots more to see and do but next time I think I will go in the month of June when it is more like summer. It might very well be more expensive, but I am a tropical person.

British Columbia offers skiing, fishing, biking, hiking, relaxation for families in various parks and a host of other leisure opportunities. On my next visit, I might attempt a bit of hiking, although I am afraid of bears. However, there will be lots more to do on my next vacation to British Columbia, Canada.

Submitted May 23, 2018

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May 28, 2018

by: Ann-Marie

I will have to agree with you on this point. Thank you much!

May 25, 2018
by: Anonymous

Well deserved vacation, but no way nuh betta dan yaad. Sunshine galore! Glad you enjoyed your trip.

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