Medicinal Herbs Natural essential oils can treat depression, stress and anxiety

Natural essential oils are natural and volatile extractions from medicinal plants and medicinal herbs. They are referred to as the immune system of plants' liquid.  Essential oils are extracted from the stems, leaves, bark, seeds, roots, flowers, trees as well as the rinds of the plants, especially aromatic herbs.  They are used to cure, heal and energize.

A little history

Essential oils became a part of history when European healers began experimenting with essential oils in the eleventh century A.D.  The extracted volatile liquid from the plants were very potent and this was done through distilling.  

Health benefits

They were made known to European by the crusaders who returned from the East.  They were extensively utilized because they were deemed to have antiseptic properties.  So natural essential oils were used in public buildings and homes during the outbreak of the bubonic plague with great expectation that it would stop the spreading of the disease.

They were utilized by the early civilizations inclusive of Chinese, Indians, as well as the Egyptians.  The Bible has also mentioned essential oils.  Cleopatra, who knew of their power and potency used them to attract men.  She also used essential oils on her skin and hair to exhume grace and svelte.

Also referred to as the sensual medicine, essential oils may be utilized for various reasons for medicinal purposes.  Some of these reasons are inhalation, bath oils, massage, aromatherapy, herbal therapy as well as Ayurveda. 

The essential oils that are used for massage therapy may also be used in baths. The result and benefit will be a revived and rejuvenated spirit, mind and body and a good night's sleep.  Essential oil, when it is used in a bath will penetrate the skin very easily.

When essential oil is inhaled it can completely change the way how we feel.  Some experts believed that the benefit of smelling essential oil may benefit conditions such as headaches, nervous tension as well as insomnia.  It may also be good for respiratory conditions like allergies, bronchitis and colds.

It may be used on the skin to treat some skin ailments.  Mild essential oils may be used to treat cuts, burns and other skin conditions and be reminded that the diluted ones will aid in preventing skin irritation.

Some of essential oils that are used in aromatherapy are extracted from medicinal herbs such as lavender, peppermint, basil, rosemary and tea tree oil.  Other essential oils that are used are flora oils and citrus oils.

Purchasing natural essential oils

Essential oils are very costly but understandably because of the process it has to go through for an individual to use just a small amount to receive health benefits.  It is also wise to buy natural or organic essential oils because the pure essential oils are more powerful. 

Always look out for chemical free and organic essential oil inclusive of cold press as well as extra virgin.  All these are natural and will bring about a more powerful therapeutic effects.  In purchasing natural essential oils always look to see if they are diluted into base oils. Diluting will result in increase strength and longer lasting effects.  Also, check to see that it is done by a reputable company.


Some people might be allergic to essential oils, so due care should be taken.  If you suffer from high blood pressure, epilepsy, diabetes, heart conditions or you are pregnant then make sure to consult your doctor before using natural essential oils.

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