Natural Herbal Remedies My Grandmother Swore By

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Leaf Of Life -

Leaf Of Life -

How many of you can remember the good old days when grandmother had a remedy for every ailment you would suffer, yet she was no doctor? When we suffered a cold, herbal medicine like John Charles and leaf of life and a host of others would be considered and given to us and in no time we would be up and running about. What about pink eye? the remedy, a lukewarm tea bag would be placed over the eyes to get rid of the pink eye. Not to be outdone is, of course, garlic, one of my favourite medicinal herbs, would be used for an earache which I have experienced. Also, a combination of olive oil and chaparral was a cure for itchy skin. I will never, ever forget those days and I live by them today.

Due to long distances from country to the town where most of the medical doctors had their offices and a lack of finance, grandmother was not only a housewife but also a doctor. Folklore healing traditions were in action, corrective uses of herbs were continued and handed down from one generation to the next generation.

Although it was known that some of the treatments did not really cure some of the ailments, the main fact was that belief kills and belief cures. We chose the "belief cures" because sickness has a lot to do with the mind as well. Today, if some people were healthy in mind, they would be healthy in the body also. However, skepticism towards the effectiveness and cures of natural herbal remedies is taking a
backseat and a positive outlook begins to formulate. Thanks to our grandmothers who swore by these natural herbal remedies.

Today some of the practices by our grandmothers would be hilarious. Practices like placing herbs under the pillow to keep away ghost and to have a good night's rest. Also, herbs tie in the forehead to alleviate headaches, putting certain spices under your pillow to improve memory and the list went on. These were scoffed on by many who failed to believe in the factual uses of medicinal herbs.

Currently, there are still those who think that the use of medicinal herbs is old wives tales and superstitions, but today there are medical practitioners who actually endorse what grandmother was saying. Natural herbal remedies can promote good health while preventing and curing diseases. Nature's drug store is here to stay.

No hypocrisy should be displayed towards herbal remedies because synthetic drugs that are used currently were prepared as a copycat to natural counterparts and have also become a part of them. Furthermore, in the past, this was how man survived by treating their ailments, their wounds and emotional trauma with natural methods. The natives relied on and studied the medicinal potency of medicinal herbs. They somehow found out that animals who were bitten by snakes could nibble on snakeroot, animals who were wounded could wallow in the mud and healed of infection and also animals suffering from rheumatoid arthritis could stay in the sun for a while to ease joint movements.

Do you now believe why our grandmothers swore by natural herbal remedies and so lived by them?

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