Natural insect repellent can prevent diseases that could arise from insect bites

Natural insect repellent is a better choice than unnatural chemical substances. It is using medicinal herbs against insects in a natural way. Basically, to put unnatural chemical substances on your body could trigger another type of harm that you will have to deal with. Many fear that these substances are unsafe for their skin. Therefore, this approach to insect repellent in a natural way, in the form of herbs is preferably by many individuals.

Unlike Deet products that may cause skin reactions and is also advised by manufacturers not to use these products under clothing or on damaged skin, natural repellent is safer to use and it also carries a pleasant odor because of the aromatic herbs that are sometimes used.

Preparation of natural repellent

A natural procedure for insect repellent that will work against fleas, ticks, and chiggers is by mixing lavender, sage, mint, rosemary and wormwood together. Then cover it with vinegar. Leave it for one week and after that apply it by using a piece of material or cloth.

This is very weird, but I found this out all by myself.  Whenever there is a power outage, I practiced to use candles until the power returns.  While doing this I noticed that by using the candles, the mosquitoes were few.  I found this very strange and did some research, only to discover that the burning of candles do help to keep the mosquitoes away.  Perhaps we could term this method as also very natural.

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Other methods of natural insect repellent

This is another insect repellent procedure that can be used for different kinds of insects that bite. Mix Aloe Vera gel and skin lotion together, then add citronella, eucalyptus oil, and patchouli oil. After which, shake it up in a bottle and put it on anywhere on your body, with the exception of the face.

Also, an herbal mosquito repellent procedure or in other words, the prevention of mosquito bites, rub pennyroyal, chamomile, or castor oil on exposed parts of the body. Also, simmer in an open pot the following medicinal herbs: thyme, elder leaves, wormwood, rosemary, sage or pennyroyal.  Pennyroyal has been used as a natural repellent against insects for centuries.

Lavender is also a good natural repellent. Just put the dried lavender flowers in a bottle and cover it with vinegar. Let it stay for a week and this natural insect repellent also has a nice odor.

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