Natural Remedies For Treating Common Back Pain

There are lots of natural remedies to treat common back pain if you feel within yourself that you do not need to pay a visit to your doctor right away. Once you are convinced that you can try some home remedies to alleviate and heal back pain, then it is up to you. Some of the remedies you may try are herbal treatment, bed rest, hot pads, cold pads, pain relievers and a good massage.

Many individuals opt to over the counter medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen as well as medications that possess acetaminophen. However, persons suffering from back pain, a combination of aspirin and ibuprofen should be avoided at all cost and also persons suffering from allergies, polyps as well as asthma should not consume aspirin or ibuprofen for back pain.

Although cold packs are ideal for common back pain, it should not be utilized if you are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or any other joint pain. However, cold packs can reduce back pain, inflammation, other pains and also muscle spasm. Let the cold pack remain on area with pain for approximately twenty minutes.

Hot packs may also be used as natural remedy. This is one of my favourite remedy for common back pain or any other pain. It is not wise however to place hot packs over scar tissue and areas that are affected by poor circulation of blood.

Make sure you can stand the heat and and place hot packs on the back for approximately twenty minutes. Heating pads may be used as well but with caution although some professionals believe that heating pads are not safe.

Another natural remedy for treating common back pain is a steamy hot bath and if you so desire a hot steamy shower. Hydro-collators may also be used.

A massage can be very beneficial for common back pain, but this should be done in a gentle manner. Desist from the massage if pain in the back increase and visit your doctor. If you had an accident or maybe you had a fall and hurt your back, seek your doctor's advice before you do any massaging.

One of my natural method is sleeping on the floor. It works well for me when I suffer with back pain and I will do this for up to five days. Somehow, the hard, firm floor does wonders to the back and can alleviate the pain.

Medicinal herbs such as tuna plant, kava kava, cramp bark, lobelia and St. John's wort can soothe and alleviate back pain. Also to decrease back pain, abstain from sitting for prolonged hours. It is best to get up sometimes and walk around a bit.

In case home remedies do not work for your back pain, be reminded to always check with your doctor.

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