Naturally Exfoliate Face and Body with Cornmeal

I naturally exfoliate my face and body with cornmeal. I do not exfoliate with chemicals or any other expensive product bought from the store. I simply use natural products found around the house and I find them to be very effective, which cornmeal is one of them.

I love exfoliating the natural way. There are times when I do only my face and there are times I do my whole body. I love to use cornmeal as my main facial scrub because it gets rid of excess oil as well as residue. It also leaves the face and the rest of my body fresh, clean and smooth. It is effective in removing dead cells particles from the skin. Also, cornmeal naturally prevents dryness to pores and skin.

A cornmeal scrub can also stimulate the lymph system, which has the responsiblility of getting rid of toxins out of the body. The gentle massage of rubbing a cornmeal scrub on your body can improve the circulation of blood right under the skin, giving the skin that healthy glow.

Any kind of cornmeal may be used but I prefer the unrefined or course conrmeal because it makes a better scrub. It is up to you if you want to make it into a facial scrub or mask.

Pour desired amount into a bowl and add enough water to make a paste. After cleansing the face
of all makeups and grimes, use the paste to gentle massage the face making sure that none gets into the eyes. Let it remain on the face for few minutes, then gently wash it off with warm water, followed by cold water to reclose the pores. Afterwhich, you may use your favorite moisturizer. I prefer to use a little petroleum jelly or vaseline as my moisturizer.

To exfoliate my body, I pour enough cornmeal into a bath pan and pour cold water on it. It must be liquified enough so as to prevent cornmeal sticking all over the body. I then use a soft cloth as my bath rag to cleanse and scrub my skin with the mixture. The feel of the rough grains against my skin immediately gives me an invogating feeling.

After giving my body a good rub, I then give myself a warm shower to wash off all the excess grains on the body. This will certainly take some time of course. The result is always magnificent. A cool, smooth, beautiful skin, free of dead cells and flakiness.

If you prefer, you may use the same exfoliate procedure for the face, but it would take a lot of time.

Other great exfoliate recipes are sugar mix with your favourite moisterizer and baking soda mix with water. Two times per week is good enough to exfoliate your skin.

Posted June 25, 2015

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