Nature Walks and Herbs

Guango Tree

Guango Tree

I love to do nature walks in my community just to seek out the various medicinal herbs that are nestled among the bushes, and they are not a few.

Other enthusiasts, although they are not nature lovers, will accompany me just for the fun of it.

The road sides and open woodlands are havens for these medicinal plants which thrive healthily. Thank God there is no wild animal in our parts of the woods. So the fear is non existing. What a relief for us ladies. Just the very thought of these animals can prevent you from leaving your homes.

The latest herb I discovered on one of these walks is cow foot, which like any other medicinal plant, has its health benefits. Cow foot medicinal herb combine with cerasee and Epsom salt can relieve pain.

Growing up, you hear of these herbs over and over again but some of them I had never seen until I went on my nature walk. Obviously, my grandmother never had all the herbs in her garden.

At that moment you really appreciate the knowledge of your parents and grandparents who never went to a herbal school but were very scholastic in the field of herbs, whether they were grown in their herbal garden or not.

It brings me great pleasure to walk in the woods and take pictures and pick a plant or two to take home. Of course, I sometimes include in my picture taking the magnificent trees, the height and width of them, some of them looking very ancient indeed, especially the nickel trees as well as the guango trees.

I always encounter lots of birds, chirping, singing and doing silly acts which are so rapturous and enchanting. Some, I am sure are not so pleased about our visit. They might as well be saying, why are you invading our property? If it was possible for them to understand us, I would have to reassure them that we are just seeking out medicinal herbs on our nature walk and we were in no way a danger to them.

If at any time you feel bored about your stereotype life, I would implore you to take a nature walk. You might not be interested in looking for medicinal herbs like myself, but it may give you a great feeling of appreciating the wonders of nature.

Submitted July 29, 2017

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