Medicinal herbs are natures gifts to man to use them as alternative remedies

Ram goat national taken in my community in Jamaica.

Natures gifts can be perceived as anything by an individual. However, to me, it is the lovely plants or medicinal herbs that God has given to us for the healing of the nation.  The use of roots, leaves, seeds, flowers and stems from these herbs are parts of nature's gifts.

The whole world is suffering today because of our poor dietary health plans which result in serious conditions like heart problems, diabetes, cancer, impure blood, obesity and lots more diseases that are threats to human lives.

We need to adopt the history of folk medicine where nature's gifts were practiced and the people back then were cavity-free, free of bone diseases and free of digestive tract diseases. This was evident because those people practiced a natural food diet and they used the plants of the land.

This practice resulted in natural healing, herbal remedy and they enjoyed a very good holistic health. They relished in healthy living because they utilized these gifts which are medicinal herbs.

Health benefits of nature's gifts

Nature's gifts produce essential oils that are extracted from natural products and may be used to heal body, soul and mind and will give relaxation to the body system.  They have been used for thousands of years for their aroma and therapeutic values that are second to none.

In days of yore, essential oils were referred to as sacred oils because they were dominantly used in ritual ceremonies.  Today, they are primarily used in aromatherapy.

In natures gifts there are those medicinal herbs that are aromatic, bitter, culinary, edible, purgative, traditional, magical and lots more health benefits that are attainable.

Nature's gifts offer an healthy solution for a total healing of the body. An healing that is sustainable and will result in a peace of mind because when the body is free of sickness, then there will be an healthy mental stability.

From these plants are another of God's greatest gifts.  I am talking about flowers.  They are good for the soul, mind and body.  Some of these flowers are even used as herbal medicines.  They can cheer a person by just looking at them.  Their odors, colours and also shapes can be so beautiful, they will make a dark day look bright. Yes, flowers are one of nature's most beautiful gifts and they can be of great aid to a person's health.

God gave us these herbs as natures gifts

Why not take advantage of nature's gifts today? Be reminded that God gave us every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed and He concluded that to us it shall be for meat. We have strayed from this advice and thereby suffering from all kinds of diseases.

Also, by using these gifts in regards to nature, you will be able to save your money unlike the use of synthetic drugs which are very expensive. Therefore, medicinal herbs are very economical, as well as you can grow your own for your own benefits by contributing to natures gifts.

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