Nettle medicinal herb has been used for centuries to treat allergy symptoms

Nettle herb packed with vitamins and mineralsNettle

Nettle (Urtica Dioica) medicinal herb can be found by the wayside and in the very deep parts of the woodlands, especially in the United Kingdom, Africa as well as North America. It is of the family Urticaceae and it is a perennial plant.  

The leaves are heart-shaped with jagged toothed edges.  It can be steamed like vegetable and it is very rich in mineral salts, vitamin A, other vitamins, and calcium.  Other constituents are flavonoids, minerals, histamine, sodium, polysaccharides and protein. 

It contains small sharp bristled hairs that can cause irritation and pain when it touches the skin, therefore it should be handled with care. I have no idea why, but I love the name of this plant and I love its herbal benefits.  Some of the common names are Burn weed, Burn hazel, Stinging nettle and Urtica dioica. 

The medicinal  properties are tonic, rubefacient, emetic, expectorant, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, decongestant, anodyne, pectoral and depurative.

Health benefits of nettle herb

It is very effective to soothe sunburn skin and it is used in every condition that is related to the blood such as the circulatory system and anemia. The result of  improved circulation will give the skin an healthy glow.

It is most prevalent in the rainy seasons and it is a very good remedy for kidney and bladder problems. It can expel the gravel from the bladder and increase the flow of urine.

It is an excellent herbal remedy for diarrhea, dysentery, piles, hemorrhages, hemorrhoids, gravel, inflammation of the kidneys, urinary tract infection, sickle cell anemia and eczema.

It is good to increase breast milk for those ladies who are breastfeeding and also good to increase menstrual flow. This herb is also safe for women who are losing weight.

Combining nettle with sea-whack and cayenne pepper will break up fat and eliminate it through the urine.  It is seen as a diuretic and bitter herb.  Due to the fact that it is classed as bitters, it is therefore excellent to purify the blood.

It contains natural histamines and is therefore used for hay fever and other allergies, asthma as well as other respiratory condition.  It is also an alternative medicine for rheumatic pains, arthritis and other pains by applying it directly to the affected areas.  Boiled leaves applied externally will stop bleeding in cuts almost immediately.

The tea made from the root will cure dropsy in its initial stages and also will stop hemorrhage from the urinary organs, lungs, intestines, nose, and stomach. The tea is also good for fever, colds, and la grippe.  Used as a traditional folklore, it was used in olden days as a good remedy for back pain.  Therefore if you are living with chronic back pain, then this is one way to go.

It can be used as a beauty aid by applying it to the skin or taken internally as a remedy for rashes, acne and pimples. It can be termed an herbal skincare remedy and it can also be used as a potent aphrodisiac.

It is a natural hair tonic

Many women will be happy to hear that it is good to treat the hair.  This is what we constantly search for every day, hair products for beautiful hair.  The juice constitutes a natural hair tonic, which will bring back the natural color of the hair and will promote hair growth.

When shampooing the hair use it as the last rinse. Also boil the leaves with vinegar for thirty minutes, pour in a cup and dip the fingers in and thoroughly massage the scalp to get rid of dandruff.


For Infusion, steep two to three tablespoons of leaves or plant in a cup of boiling water for ten minutes.

To extract nettle juice,  mix with an equal amount of water, and take one teaspoonful twice daily.

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Updated September 9, 2020