Noni juice contains Vitamins C and A, Niacin and Iron.

Noni tree in Jamaica

Noni (Morinda citrifolia) medicinal herb is a plant that possesses many herbal benefits and it has a reputation just like moringa. It is widely sort after and used by many people globally for all kinds of ailments. I planted one of the trees in front of my yard and the picture of the fruits that you see on this page were taken from this very tree.  The leaves, bark, fruit and juice may be used as medicines.

I do my own juice, which is a privilege that many individuals would love to do. However, it is sold all over the world but make sure to purchase it from a reputable dealer to ensure that you get all the medicinal benefits from the juice.

The common names are Great morinda, Indian mulberry, Ba Ji Tian, Beach mulberry, Canarywood, Hog Apple, Mulberry, Rotten cheese fruit, Wild Pine as well as Cheese fruit. In Barbados it is called Dog dumpling and in Indonesia as well as Malaysia, it is called Mengkudu. It is from the Rubiaceae family and it is native to Asia and Australia.  It is currently grown widely in the tropics and it is mainly naturalized. It is also grown widely in Tahiti, hence Tahitian Noni which has the same benefits.

Health benefits

It is a very potent medicinal herb and it is used to cleanse impurities from the body and is good to cure skin ailments giving the skin a healthy look. It is also good for the heart and to keep the cholesterol level down. Fiber, carbohydrates as well as protein are also rich sources that can be received from this fruit. The juice is also good to improve the immune system. It is an all-purpose healer.

The juice is also used to treat cancer and combat infertility in women and it is also used as an energizing drink. There are also many more health benefits that can be derived from this fruit. It is a performance enhancer or laxative as well as it can aid in the removal of gallstones. It is also good to treat headaches, migraine headaches, arthritis, heart conditions, and hypertension, stroke as well as diabetes.

It is also an excellent remedy for obesity, high blood pressure or hypertension, respiratory conditions, sexual enhancement, multiple sclerosis, HIV AIDS, fibromyalgia as well as kidney disease.  It can also be used to stop smoking and stress.

Noni Leaves

The leaves may be used for rheumatism, arthritis, joint swellings, cancer as well as dysentery.  Some people used the bark to aid in childbirth.

In regards to arthritis and joint swellings, placed the fresh leaves on the affected joints for some time before removing them.

To prepare Noni tea, boil dried leaves for twenty minutes. Consume approximately half of a cup two times per day after straining. 

My home remedy in preparing the juice

Put your desired amount of the washed fruits in an air tight container or plastic bag. Fruits must be very ripe. This must be placed on the outside during this process due to its high odor as the weeks passed by. After seven to eight weeks of fermentation you should see the juice seeping or draining from the fruits. To obtain even more juice and to make the process easier, it is good to transfer fermented fruits to a strainer.

Use a large utensil, preferable a spoon, and press against the now fermented fruit to extract more juice from the pulp. Store the juice in a bottled container and take two tablespoonful each morning and each night upon retiring to bed. This juice can be stored in the refrigerator for many weeks.

Noni fruit I picked from my noni tree

Currently, persons are pureeing the ripe fruit, then mixed with honey and used accordingly. There are others who will eat the fruit.

Noni juice, garlic and cayenne pepper recipe

This concoction was extracted from a product of Jamaican CTC, situated in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  Add garlic and bird pepper, also called cayenne pepper to the juice of Great morinda.  This mixture is good for cancer, poor blood circulation as well as to build the immune system.  This concoction may be stored in the refrigerator for further use.  One tablespoon full of this Noni mixture may be taken one hour before meal two times daily.

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