Nutmeg Cured My Bellyache



A friend of mine testified that nutmeg cured her reoccurring bellyache. She suffered with this ailment for months, tried various treatments and could not get better.

She then decided to go to the doctor and was told by the physician that she had inflammation around the bladder and that was the reason for the continuous bellyache. She was prescribed certain types of medication and tried to follow all instructions. However, to no avail, she was still feeling worst. Her condition did not improve, no matter how much she consumed the prescribed medications.

She related that she went to bed one night and got a dream. She said in her dream, she was approached by a person who told her specifically that she should use the nutmeg to cure her bellyache. The person went further by telling her how she should prepare the nutmeg tea. At that time she never knew the real health benefits of this medicinal herb. Therefore, out of desperation she was willing to try anything to alleviate her suffering.

In the dream she was told to grater some nutmeg in some boiling water, allow to cool and consume one cup at a time. This she did and before the day was over, the pain was gone. I saw my friend days after she treated herself with the nutmeg tea and she was beaming with satisfaction and looking very healthy. She will continue to boast about the fact that, "Nutmeg cured my belly ache."

I wonder, will it work for me? Who knows, belief does not only kill, as some folks believe, belief also cures. For more information on nutmeg, you can always visit nutmeg.

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