Pepper elder medicinal herb may be used to treat renal problems

Pepper Elder

Pepper elder (Peperomia pellucida) has been used medicinally for thousands of years to treat all kinds of ailments and although modern medicine has replaced the more widespread use of this herb, it still continues to hold its own in herbalism.

It is truly a primary and traditional medicinal herb that has its own history of success in treating various ailments.

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It is of the Piperaceae family or the pepper family and although It is mostly grown for ornamental purposes, the whole plant is edible and can be utilized cooked or raw.

This medicinal herb is effective in treating abdominal pain, abscesses, acne, boils, colic, fatigue, gout, proteinuria, headache, renal disorders, and rheumatic joint pain.

An herbal bath with this plant will relieve aches and pains and gives an individual a peaceful sleep. These are some of its benefits.

Health benefits of pepper elder

Peperomia pellucida is used in regards to hemorrhages treatment, and the root can be used for fevers.

This herb is also useful to lower cholesterol and it is a popular cough suppressant in places like Guyana and other regions in the Caribbean.

In the Philippines, a decoction of this plant is used to lower uric acid levels. Some of the common names of this herb are Silver-bush, Rat-ear, Man-to-man, and Clearweed.

It would do well for householders to have this herb in their possessions since it holds so much health benefits and is an alternative herbal remedy for so many ailments.

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Jamaicans refer to it as jointer

The medicinal properties of this medicinal herb are sedative, stimulant, relaxant, anti inflammatory, antiseptic, bactericide, along with culinary uses.

This herb is also found in Jamaica and it is used for its medicinal purposes as well as culinary. It has a very spicy aroma and thereby individuals used this herb to jerk pork, giving the pork a nice flavor.

It is also known as 'jointer' in Jamaica. I am yet to find out why it is called by that name. However, we Jamaicans have a way to refer to things and persons around us by aliases.

It is discovered that chloroform extracts derived from the dried leaves of this plant may be used to combat Trichophyton mentagrophytes in vitro. This is due to its antifungal property that is found in it.

Some rural people use this herb on their donkeys as well as horses to prevent tiredness and weariness because it is effective in preventing fatigue.

Pepper elder is therefore a very beneficial and useful medicinal plant for both humans and animals.

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