Pet herbal remedy is an alternative to chemical drugs for our pet animals

My Pet Cat

Pet herbal remedy is becoming very popular all over the globe and this is a good option for pet owners. Animals need as much care as humans and pet owners are determined to take good care of their pets and they want to do it naturally.

This approach is cheaper and natural and it is safe to use. We all love our dogs, our cats, our birds or whatever pets you own and we only want the best care including the natural pet remedies for them.

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I have at many times, sat and admired my dogs, even my cat at periodic times, nipping at some of my plants in my yard and as my grandmother use to say, they are taking their medicine.

This is a sure sign to me that medicinal herbs are very important to our pets' well-being and that God has somehow instill this awareness in the animals.

Due to this current practice the food and drug supplement industry generates over 1.5 billion dollars annually in sales for these products because animals are now included in the use of herbal remedies.

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Treating pet's inflamed anal gland problems with medicinal herbs

Garlic and fenugreek seem to be the best herbs to treat this condition in regards to pet herbal remedy treatments.

These plants are good herbs for dogs or herbs for pets as well as other animals because they are very powerful antibiotics that fight off infection and any other bacterial conditions.

Garlic, when crushed or finely chopped, produces allicin with antibiotic and anti-fungal properties.

Pet herbal remedy for pets with poor appetite

If your pets are suffering from poor appetite, you can use malted kelp as herbal remedy. This seaweed is utilized as an additive and thickener in many food products, such as ice cream, jelly, as well as toothpaste.

It is best to give your pet the treatment about half an hour before giving a small meal.

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Medicinal herbs to treat arthritis that affect pets

Some pets also suffer from arthritis, especially dogs. So there is dog arthritis as well as any other pet arthritis. This is a disorder that affects the connective tissues, especially in the joints and the ligaments.

We as humans know how painful this can be, so can you imagine what out pets are enduring?

Therefore to alleviate your pets from arthritic pain, you can use garlic and fenugreek. Fenugreek contains soothing and anti-inflammatory medicinal properties to help alleviate the pain.

Remember, it is always a general rule to consult a veterinarian if the conditions and signs of illnesses in your pets get worse. It is also best to consult a veterinarian before using pet herbal remedy.

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Updated February 17, 2020


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