Pictures of herbs taken by me at my home, in and around my community in Jamaica

Pictures of herbs are my personal collections of my favourite medicinal herbs. I have found it very difficult to source images for my website without facing the possibility of some copyright laws and this pushed me to take photos of my own. I cannot see myself charging anyone for these pictures, so my visitors are free to use them. One thing I would desire however, is that you can mention the source from which you got them from which will perhaps bring some more traffic to my website. I would really appreciate that gesture. Apart from that, you are free to use these pictures of medicinal plants.

Coconut grove with medicinal herbs all around. Beautiful picture!

I take delight in presenting these pictures of medicinal herbs. I have said before that herbs are my greatest passion and God's gift to men. We should not ignore them, but to use them for our health benefits. I personally think that there are medicinal herbs to treat every ailment that is known on this earth to bring about natural healing. That is what everyone is searching for today, natural healing, a way to overcome diseases without the constant use of chemical drugs. This hope may be found in the use of natural plants.

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Updated May 03, 2019


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