Pilewort medicinal herb has the ability to deliver natural healing to the body


Pilewort (Ranunculus Ficaria) medicinal herb, also referred to as Fireweed, is a herbaceous plant and the whole plant may be used as herbal medicine including the root. It is grown widely in England. The common names are Lesser celandine, Buttercup, Ranunculus Ficaria, Smallworth, Butterblume as well as Fireweed.

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The medicinal properties are astringent, tonic, emetic and alterative.  This is a traditional herbal medicine for piles and it is very effective as well.

It is said that it can heal the worst form of diseases, so it can be seen as an all healing plant. It is highly valued in certain parts of China.  The constituents are vitamin C, saponins, tannins and anemonin.

It is especially used for hemorrhoids treatment. It is observed that many men, women and children in the United States, and as a matter of fact, worldwide have hemorrhoids. 

It is a very embarrassing situation but must be dealt with and this herb is good for it. 

If you notice, the name is pilewort, so it is said that the tubers resemble piles, hence the name.

The entire plant, when it is bruised, may be combined with the fresh lard and made into an ointment to rub on the external piles which can bring natural healing.

As mentioned before, it has been traditionally used for years for hemorrhoids also called piles.

Also, when it is combined with witch hazel it can treat both external and internal hemorrhoids. It can also be made into a tincture and this can be used externally to treat the piles. It may also be used as a poultice as well as fomentation.

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Health benefits of pilewort herb

It is very excellent as an alternative remedy for diseases of the mucous membrane, colon conditions, fevers, cholera as well as dysentery and it is also an excellent blood purifier.

It is good for children in the sense that it can help to alleviate diarrhea. It is best to take it hot because when it is taken at this temperature the relief is almost instant.

If you are taking the capsules, it is best to swallow with milk instead of water. This can decrease pain and bleeding associated with hemorrhoids.

it can also be used in conjunction with St. John's wort to relieve itching and burning of hemorrhoids.

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Prescribed dosages of this plant

For tea, steep one heaping teaspoonful of this herb in a cup of boiling water for thirty minutes. When it is cool, drink one to two cups per day, one swallow at a time.

Also infuse one ounce in a pint of boiling water and then taken in wineglass doses.

Although the tea is quite effective, there are those who prefer to use the ointment due to the fact that the taste of the tea is very unpleasant.

However, we must all be reminded that medicine is hardly ever pleasant, but it is good for us, just like pilewort.

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Updated February 17, 2020


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