Pipsissewa medicinal herb can be used to treat cancer

By brewbooks from near Seattle, USA (Pipsissewa Chimaphila umbellata) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Pipsissewa (Chimaphila umbellata) medicinal herb is perennial flowering evergreen plant that is native to North America's woodlands.  The entire plant may be used for medicine and rare as it is, it is still an important plant in the herbal Kingdom.  I am sure many people have never heard of this plant before now but it is awesome when we think of the magnitude of God's creation.  These herbs he created for mankind to heal their bodies.  To learn more of this rare herb, just continue reading.

The native Indians in North America revered it as an important medicinal plant and traditionally they utilized it as tea for various health conditions, especially for kidney problems.  The medicinal properties are astringent, tonic, alterative, diuretic as well as diaphoretic.

The common names are Bitter winter, Ground holly, Prince's pine, Rheumatism weed, False wintergreen, Bitter wintergreen, King's cure, Love in Winter, Chimaphila, Chimaphila umbellata, Umbellate wintergreen, Holly, King's cure-all as well as Spotted wintergreen.

Health benefits of pipsissewa

It is used to treat kidney diseases including infections that can affect the kidney.  It is known primarily to treat these conditions as well as any other ailments that are related to the kidney.  It is also a very good herbal remedy for the removal of gall stones from the bladder.  It may be used to remedy anxiety, sores, bruises, treat urinary tract infections (UTIs), epilepsy, itching of the skin and blisters.  It is also very good to decrease swellings of the body.

For skin ailments, a poultice is also good to be used, especially for swellings, blisters and sores.   However, poultice should be made from the leaves only.

Kidney Cleanse Drink

Blend half cup of fresh lemon juice

Half cup of fresh grapefruit

One clove of garlic

Quarter teaspoon cayenne

One tablespoonful of powdered ginger

The tea

To make the herbal tea, infuse an ounce of the herb in one pint of boiling water and consumed when it is cold.  One cup of pipsissewa tea per day will be quite sufficient as a dosage.

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