Poland: The Healing Power of the Whispering Witches

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In Poland, "The Healing Powers of the Whispering Witches" is at work. This is an article published in the European Journal dated September 30, 2013. I always find these articles very interesting, especially when medicinal herbs are involved.

These "whispering witches" as they are referred to are in high demand, classed as healers. Imagine that! People are searching for answers in all different quarters to be well again. The European Journal reported that there are about twelve of the witches whose rituals do not only include medicinal herbs, but wax, bread, water as well as prayers. A very interesting world that we are living in.

You may visit http://www.dw.de/poland-the-healing-power-of-the-whispering-witches/a-17128432 for more information.

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