Preparing herbs is important to treating ailments of the body

Preparing herbs can be very easy, even for a novice.  Preparing them is very important if you want to receive all the health benefits that are stored up in these medicinal plants.  This includes the preparation of herbal teas and herbal beverages.  

This is done by boiling the roots or barks and allowed to simmer in water for up approximately thirty minutes before use.  

In regards to leaves and flowers, the preparation involves adding them to boiling water and then allowed to steep for approximately ten to thirty minutes.

Preparing medicinal herbs also include the preparation of poultice, tincture, salve, syrups, liniment and seasoning. 

Make sure to arm yourself with a cutting board, a big stainless steel pot, paper bags, knife and glass containers for storing.

Various ways of preparing herbs

Poultice: Mix herbs with water and then spread it on a white cloth, flannel or cotton material. Then apply it to the affected area.

Tincture: Put your desired medicinal herb in alcohol for approximately two weeks and shake it periodically. After the two weeks, strain and store in a brown glass.

Salves: Preparing medicinal herbs for salves you may use one pound of herbs of your choice and then add four ounces of beeswax to half pound of natural oil.

Put all of the above in a pot with water. Put in an oven and let this solution simmer on medium temperature for up to four hours. Afterwards, strain and store in a glass container.

Syrups: For syrups, I love to use honey. However, they are those who prefer to use grain syrup or molasses, which are just as effective as honey.

Add your desired herbs to this and it boil until the liquid becomes thick. Then add water, which is about one part of water to 7/8 parts of honey and allow this to simmer until it becomes thick. Strain and put in a glass container.

Liniment: Combine your desired medicinal herbs and add to a quart of rubbing alcohol. Let it stand for about one week, after which, strain and store in a glass container.

Seasoning: This preparation is simply sprinkling powdered herbs on your vegetables as well as salads.

All of the above will allow even a novice to carefully prepare herbs in the home for personal medicinal uses and regard it as your home remedies. 

My grand parents did it as well as their parents before them, also prepared herbs.  This can save you time and money.  I know it did for me.  I hope you enjoy doing your own preparation.

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