Prostate herbs are for men who suffer from enlargement, and or inflammation of the prostate


Prostate herbs can effectively treat benign prostate enlargement and urinary tract infections. Thousands of men all over the world suffered with enlargement of the prostate gland and although it is usually seen in men over fifty years, there are now younger men who are now suffering with this disease. 

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The spread of this ailment is very frightening and one of the reasons is that men are afraid of rectal examinations done by their doctors.

However, for a good continuous health it is always wise to speak to your doctor concerning your fear.

Man's diet has completely changed over a period of time resulting in the growth of many diseases inclusive of prostate cancer.

Hundreds of years ago, man's diet was basically fruits, vegetables, grains and medicinal herbs with a balance amount of meat.

However, at present, due to this change, process food which is packed with oils, fats as well as complex carbohydrates have taken precedence over natural foods resulting in nutrients' deficiency.

This is one of the obvious causes for chronic diseases today. Therefore herbs for prostate or herbal prostate remedies are part of the answer to help prevent and treat prostate cancer.

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Natural remedies can help prostate ailments

There are natural prostate remedies in the form of medicinal herbs and proper nutrition to effectively fight these conditions.

The symptoms of this disease is the slowing down of the urine and there may be a pain between the scrotum and the rectum.

An inflamed prostate is usually associated with lower back pain, fever, burning sensation and constant urination.

Many men suffer prostatitis, but thanks to prostate medicinal herbs this may be treated urgently.

Some people have the belief that prostate cancer will only affect the elderly men. However, researchers have proven that enlarged prostates, sometimes as large as an orange, are now affecting over fifty percent of men who are 40 to up to 59 years old. This is very alarming and needs quick attention.

The use of prostate herbs in the initial stages or before any of these ailments developed may be very beneficial in treating as well as preventing such ailments.

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List of prostate herbs

Medicinal herbs such as, parsley, uva ursi, ginger, juniper berry, gravel root, echinacea, red clover, yucca, goldenseal, couch grass, licorice root, kelp, pumpkin seeds, joe-pye weed root, corn silk, saw palmetto berries, white pond lily, buchu, alfalfa and garlic are used to treat prostate diseases.

Treatment can include surgery, radiation and hormones all of which have long-term effects on men's quality of life when it comes to sexual function. Medicinal herbs are milder and safer to use.

Other methods of prostate herbal treatment

Other herbal treatment for this dreaded disease is by making a poultice from one of the prostate herbs which is slippery elm and then place it between the legs, near to the crotch to ease pain.

Make a tea of equal parts of buchu and uva ursi of one teaspoonful, add to a cup of boiling water then, allow to simmer then drink one to four cups per day.

Prostate conditions may also be aided by the unique Aloe Vera plant which may also give you double protection against prostate conditions, other diseases, germs and the freedom to live your life.

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Lycopene, which is a very potent antioxidant is found in tomato-based meals.

It is good for the prostate and therefore these foods are popularly consumed by men because according to scientific researches, they are rich in lycopene. 

This antioxidant will aid in combating and preventing cancerous cells. Lycopene is also seen as a tumor reducer.

For men who are 40 years and older, it is suggested that you do a yearly rectal examination and with the aid of prostate herbs along with approval of your doctor, you may just decrease the threat of prostate conditions.

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