Prostate Natural Diet That Decreases Enlarged Prostate

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Digital Rectal Examination

Digital Rectal Examination

Men are searching every day for natural diet that may be able to decrease enlarge prostate. There are many various health supplements that are used. However, there are those natural diets that should be considered as top priority when it comes to the health of the prostate.

The first one that should be considered is beta-sitosterol. Where can you find beta-sitosterol? It is found in medicinal herbs such as pygeum as well as palmetto. It is an active ingredient which is very important to prostate health.

However, these herbs, even if they were combined, do not offer enough beta-sitosterol. Thankfully, beta-sitosterol can be bought in capsule form which contains 300 to 600 mg comparing to pygeum which contains about 30 mg. 300 to 600 mg is a standard amount that will be very effective to treat enlarged prostate on daily basis.

Other prostate natural diets for enlarge prostate are fish oil and flax seed oil. These are very good nutrients for an healthy prostate. However, flax seed oil, with its abundance of omega-3 in comparison to omega-6 is a very good source of health for the prostate.

A research has certified that omega-3 oil is more useful and beneficial for prostate health than omega-6. It is believed that with the use of omega-6, which is also found in olive oil and also other vegetable oils, a man is more at risk to prostate cancer. Therefore, it is advisable to utilize flaxseed oil for the health of your prostrate. The cells of the prostate can be protected by omega-3. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties and flaxseed can be digested easily by the body.

Other prostate natural diets that decrease enlarged prostate are soy isoflavones, ionic minerals (not colloidal minerals), selenium and zinc, vitamin D (approximately 800 IU) and vitamin E (400 mg per day).

All of the above natural diets will guarantee enhancement in the health and symptoms of your prostate. Always remember to consult your doctor for any symptom of prostate conditions.

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