Pumpkin Seeds Medicinal Herbs contain Vitamins B and E

Pumpkin seeds can be eaten raw, parched or roasted.Pumpkin with seeds

Pumpkin seeds medicinal herbs are edible, nutritious, and they make healthy, delicious and delectable snacks. The Mexican Spanish refers to it as pepita de calabaza, "little seeds of squash" or "squash seeds" which are popularly used in Mexican cuisine.

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Can you imagine how many times we have thrown away these precious seeds and not considering that we are throwing away herbal medicine that can do wonders for us in a healthy way? I am so guilty and so are you my readers.

We need to stop throwing these healthy foods away and instead, use them as medicinal herbs to treat ailments that are affecting our bodies.

The nutrients in the seeds include antioxidants, protein, iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium phosphorus, copper, potassium, dietary fiber, sterols and phytochemicals.

Combine them with raisins, cereals, granola or any other nutritious snack of your choice, you will definitely have a delicious and healthy combination of nutrients and goodness.

The seeds are used as alternative medicine

Light green in colour with a white hull inside, there are various ways to use these herbs and thousands of recipes can be found on the internet for your convenience, but they are alternative medicine to treat all kind of conditions.

They can be eaten raw, cooked, parched, toasted or roasted. Whichever is your choice, they are still highly nutritious.

I love to parch them. I think I enjoy them much better when there are crisp and crunchy.

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Health benefits of pumpkin seeds

The benefits of these valuable seeds are many. Their uses include remedy for expelling worms from the body, maintaining healthy prostate and aid men who are suffering from prostatic hyperplasia, which can result in enlarged prostate.

They are also excellent to maintain healthy bones. It is able to prevent arthritis and arteriosclerosis which is hardening of the arteries, and to lower high cholesterol levels found in the body.

Oil can also may be extracted from these packed power seeds, which is used in culinary arts. This oil is also useful to treat the prostate conditions in men and the seeds are suppliers of omega 3. 

The extracted oil is also remedy for hair loss.  The belief is that the oil will spread to the androgen (testosterone) levels of the disease which is responsible for the hair loss making it possible for the hair to regrow.

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The seeds are also excellent remedies to treat anxiety attack, depression and to prevent mood swings which seem to affect many people all over the globe.

I am sure that after reading about pepita de calabaza, you will think twice about throwing away a wealth of nutritional and herbal benefits that can make your life much better physically and mentally.

You may also want to sow some of the seeds in a garden nearby in order to reap pumpkin (Cucurbita Maxima) at a later time.

I would advise all men, and women as well to eat these seeds for a healthy lifestyle.  They are sold in stores all over the world and pumpkin seeds medicinal herbs can also be bought in bulk.

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Updated February, 2020


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