Ra-moon is an overall stimulant to both male and female

Ra-moon (Trophis Racemosa) medicinal herb is a very popular perennial evergreen plant in Jamaica.  It is pronounced Raw Moon and it is especially loved by men due to its various aphrodisiac benefits which can enhance men's health and libido. 

Although it is grown in the Caribbean regions, it is native to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Island.

It is from the Moraceae family and the common names are Raw moon, Ra moon, Ramoon and Trophis Racemosa.  The leaves, stems, and bark may be used as herbal medicine. 

It is widely sought after and due to this great demand, the continuous thriving of this plant is threatened.  The plan to replant should be in the making for this very important herb.

Recently, I met my cousin in my home town and we began to talk as we sat in a taxi bound for home. 

She had some medicinal herbs in a bag and one of them was Raw moon root.  It was for her husband, who was taking it for various reasons.  

Health benefits of Ra-moon medicinal herb

The health benefits include the ability to increase energy, alleviate tiredness and fatigue. 

Raw moon is popularly used as a sensual stimulant as well as a way to improve low libido potency and stamina.

I would encourage man or woman who suffer with low libido to identify the cause before using Ra-moon medicinal herb, so as to speed up the result. 

The causes of low libido varies. It can be caused by medication, sickness, anxiety and stress, excessive drinking, smoking and other lifestyles.

In times gone by it was given to animals to hasten reproduction.  So farmers took delight in feeding the animals with this herb. 

It is also very useful to feed animals during the drought season.

Do you lack the desire for food? Do you display weakness of any kind? Ra moon will alleviate all these problems and will strengthen the body.

It was at that time my mind reflect on this medicinal herb that it has been around for a very long time. 

It was especially loved by men due to its ability to enhance reproductive performance.  However, it also good for women who also suffer from low libido.

It is widely sold in herbal shops as well as on the streets.  It is usually sold in bottles in the form of tonic, otherwise call roots by Jamaicans.

Self styled herbalists set their own cost per bottle but usually it is affordable to almost everyone who passed by them on the streets.  A bottle or two may be bought by both men and women.

Making your own tea or tonic

You can make your own herbal tea or tonic at home by boiling enough bark, roots, and or leaves. 

Allow to brew and then strain. Sweeten with honey and consume a cup each time.

There are no known side effect from Ra-moon medicinal herb. However, be always moderate when consuming herbs.

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Updated March 6, 2020


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